How many live blogs, leaving the blogosphere

In spite of the fact that every day there are more and more blogs, their total number is developing with not so much speed. Why? Yes, because after creating a blog, many refuse to develop it, thus leaving the project without promotion.

Naturally, abandoned blogs will soon close and stop working , which affects the decline in their number.

How many live blogs, leaving the blogosphere

Blog life

How long do blogs live? Some projects are rapidly developing and continue to be filled and promoted over the long term, while others remain in the development stage.

There are a lot of reasons for such phenomena, some users just lose interest in remote earnings, someone cannot achieve stable earnings, etc. One of the main reasons for leaving the blogosphere is lack of interest and motivation. In real life, this happens with a business that, after some time of development, simply annoys the entrepreneur.

In order to maintain the blog’s life, it is necessary to steadily fill it and invest in its development, and such monotonous actions force people to abandon their execution.

Bloggers can be divided into two groups, those who create a project from their own interests and those who create a platform solely for profit. Naturally, those who created the site "for the soul" put more effort into its support and development.

How many live blogs, leaving the blogosphere

The main problem for bloggers who want to make money on their project is haste. Literally right after the creation of the site, they sell hundreds of links, place a huge amount of advertising and hope that the level of earnings at the same time will constantly increase.

Of course, it can increase, but this will require the application of as much effort as you spent at the very beginning.

How long will your blog live? As much as you have the strength to engage in its promotion. Remember, even the slightest drop in activity can lead to the loss of already achieved results. Only in articles about earnings, profits from running a business seem impressive, in fact, everything is not so big and many webmasters are convinced of this only after creating their resource.

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