How many freelancers are willing to create a website?

By pursuing different goals, many people decide to launch their own website. Someone begins to learn web development, someone uses designers, it is much easier and better to turn to professionals.

Web studios offer high prices for their work, so it makes sense to contact private developers.

How much does a freelancer site development cost? The exact amount can be found only in person with a specialist.

First, each sets its own rates. Secondly, it all depends on what kind of project is planned to create. Agree, launching an online store or a regular blog is completely different things.

How many freelancers are willing to create a website?

Should I turn to freelancers at all?

There are people who trust only trusted companies and large sites. In fact, you can open a web studio for a couple of days and spend another week cheating reviews and advertisements.

As a rule, such companies set high prices, and if the prices are low, then most likely they will create additional costs in the future.

Freelancers worry about their reputation, because it helps them to find customers. Therefore, they try to carry out orders with high quality and take on an order of magnitude cheaper.

This is not surprising, they have lower costs. It is very important to be careful when choosing a developer, some expose themselves as professionals, not being such.

To find a competent webmaster, go to the exchange. There are registered professionals from various fields and there are many developers of sites. They add a portfolio to the stock exchange, show examples of their work and get real reviews:

How many freelancers are willing to create a website?

Don't pay attention to prices, they need to be discussed individually. After registering on the stock exchange, look for a suitable specialist and send a request for work. You can do this through private messages:

How many freelancers are willing to create a website?

You don’t need to make an order right away; it’s better to contact several freelancers, chat with them and find out how much they are willing to create a website. As already mentioned, the cost depends on many factors, so it is set individually.

There are also downsides to turning to freelancers. When you place an order in a web-studio, the whole staff works on the project, each is responsible for a certain stage.

In addition, if in the future there are any problems, it is easier to find a company, private developers can already abandon their activities.

How many freelancers are willing to create a website?

How many freelancers are ready to create a website?

The main factor affecting the cost of developing a website by a freelancer is its appearance.

Forum, blog, landing page or social network, what exactly is being created? Due to a lot of experience in the network and communication with freelancers, I can share with you an approximate price for such work:

  1. Landing page (from $ 20) - it is also called landing page . It is created to increase the conversion and sales on the Internet. Once I ordered it from freelancers and paid $ 20 for it. Everything was done according to the template, so such a low price.
  2. Business card site (from $ 50) - businessmen order it from freelancers to advertise their activities. In essence, this is a multi-page resource, so no big money is taken for its creation.
  3. Online store (from $ 100) is a more serious project for which you usually have to shell out. If you use the engine, the freelancer will not take a lot of money. One of my friends ordered a virtual store with a unique design and engine, it cost 40,000 rubles .
  4. Samopisny site (from $ 2000) - is developed from scratch, and therefore is expensive. Not every freelancer is ready to take on such work, platforms are usually used. Customers should think about whether it is necessary to overpay for a samopisny engine and website.

No one but you knows what site to make. Collect all the information in one file, describe the objectives, basic functions and type of project.

After that, contact the professionals, offer them your prices and bargain, because these are ordinary people who often lack orders.

How many freelancers are willing to create a website?

The price of developing a website for freelancers varies from tens to thousands of dollars. Naturally, they take much less than large web studios and it is more pleasant to cooperate with them, but there are also disadvantages. Choose the best developers to make the project exactly the way you imagined it.

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