How is the budget for promotion in ROOKEE? - Profit Hunter

“Game stores for optimizers”. So called reference units or SAP (automatic advancement systems) in SEO circles. Why did such a “casino” nickname appear?

This is a “flight disassembly” article against the background of increased complaints that, allegedly, automatic promotion systems overstate the budget for website promotion.And that’s all. Everything? How true this is? ... Please read the article to the end to understand the situation in more detail.

How is the budget for promotion in ROOKEE? - Profit Hunter

When did the systems for automatic launch appear? site motions, thousands of webmasters and optimizers breathed a sigh of relief.The process of analyzing competitors, analyzing pages, generating anchors, links, etc., made life much easier when promoted.However, the dark horse remained BUDGET for promotion .

It is possible to deduct in forums that reference aggregators form a budget from the ceiling, overstate it, because it is physically impossible to physically check the entire volume of information. Therefore, optimizers have no choice but to trust the system.

What are SAPs doing to calculate the correct budget?

It’s impossible to say that overstated budgets are shown to one and all. Because, as noted in one comment:

Some for 3,000 rubles will promote your saytik through glanders. Stupidly buying links ...
Others and for 20,000 stupidly buy links from sapy =)))
And still others for 10,000 rubles can really optimize the site , etc. =)

A lot depends on site itself. If you try to promote HS, then what budget will be needed to pull it out at least in the TOP-10? And what budget will be needed for a well and properly optimized site? Therefore, complaints about the “divorce” calculation of the budget can be subject to sensible criticism by looking at the site itself. Naturally, the budget will be 10 times higher than that of competitors.

How is the budget for promotion in ROOKEE? - Profit Hunter

The problem of reliable budget calculation is a big problem for each optimizer. Often, many people use various automated services. Consider what criteria does the ROOKEE service take into account when calculating the recommended budget for promotion? Because it is in this system that the most chips and filters both for analysis and for budget calculation.

As regards calculating budget in ROOKEE, important important parameters are taken into account here. These parameters are important for any site:

  • Analysis of backlinks to competitors' sites. In rookee, one of the largest link databases, most likely even the largest reference base of the runet, this allows you to most accurately determine the costs of competitors.
  • Regionality: cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Naturally, competition in Moscow is much higher than in Syktyvkar
  • Competitive query
  • Selected search engine: Yandex or G oogle
  • Selected target TOP: TOP1, TOP3, TOP5, TOP10. The higher the space, the greater the cost.

Also, the budget calculation in ROOKEE goes not only to the usual, but also to the eternal links ! In general, the most optimal budget is formed for website promotion!

Yes, as with others, I do not know. My budgets are normal. Besides, a head on shoulders why the optimizer? You can’t apply to automatic promotion on the principle “button loot.” Automation doesn’t exempt advertisers for money.

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