How I make binary options, share experience

All those who have already watched the statistics of professional traders in binary options understand how profitable this tool is.

Many people also want to learn how to trade and make profitable deals, but this requires a serious stock of knowledge and a lot of practical experience.

How do I make money on binary options? Many people wonder how I manage to make profitable deals.

Honestly, I don’t consider myself a professional in this area, but I haven’t left as a minus. I use different strategies, and most importantly, I constantly check analytics, communicate on forums and follow advisers.

How I make binary options, share experience

My actions when trading options

First of all, I go to the forums dedicated to trading, and read the latest topics. They often discuss current news and make assumptions.

Of course, this information may not be accurate, but sometimes traders tell interesting things and even spread their predictions.

After that, I go on to look at the consolidated technical analysis, where tips for traders are given:

How I make binary options, share experience

The summary is based on the work of several bots. To actively buy means the currency must grow in value, actively selling the opposite result. This helps determine which currency pairs are better to bet on and in which direction the chart should change.

After evaluating the analysis, I turn to the economic calendar (ibid on Investing):

How I make binary options, share experience

Here you can see the latest developments in the economic market to find out if anything can affect drastic changes in graphs.

If there is no news on the selected currency pair, I turn to trading options using different strategies (within the border, outside the border). Sometimes I make simple bets, getting the necessary information from the above sources.

As for brokers, I use the services of many companies, but most often - this is IQoption and. They have the most favorable conditions and user-friendly interface. With IQoption I started, it only needs $ 10 to start.

How I make binary options, share experience
How I make binary options, share experience

Switched over time with 24Option, this service offers broader functionality, but it was necessary to make a lot of money here.

Trading short-term options

Earn 60-180 second options much more interesting. Honestly, it seems to me to predict the movement of the graphics here is almost impossible.

Not a single bot helps to increase the frequency of winnings, so minute options are more likely to earn money on your luck, rather than trading in Forex.

How I make binary options, share experience

To take a break from all the difficult moments in normal trading, I use scalping. I just make a lot of small bets, opening options for a short time. Partially apply the Martingale strategy to interrupt losses.

The yield on options is not 100%, so you have to slightly change tactics. Using such a method is more of a passion than an income:

How I make binary options, share experience

I invested $ 8 in options and made several bids, income 8. $ 1 . This is a penny, but sometimes it goes even more.

With options you can achieve the same income as professional traders, but this is not easy.

If you are ready to go through a difficult path and receive big money from trading, go to the Binary Options section and learn, not forgetting to put knowledge into practice.

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