How I earned cryptocurrency at Airdrop $ 890

It is real to make big money on cryptocurrencies even without investments. I can’t stop telling my subscribers about this by constantly posting videos about new coin distributions. Under the bounty and airdrop programs, anyone can get different tokens, and each of them has a development perspective.

How I earned 890 dollars in Airdrop cryptocurrency - the post is based on the video that I have already posted on my channel. In it, I vividly show how we managed to raise decent money by collecting free tokens:

Now you can’t get these Airdrop coins anymore, but this is a great example of how successful participation in such programs. On the new, I constantly tell subscribers, and below will be a list of current Airdropov.

How I earned cryptocurrency at Airdrop $ 890

Earned on Iird Airdrop Tokens

So it all started about a month ago when I decided to get IOST coins and wrote about it roller. For Airdrop, cryptocurrencies were distributed to 20 tokens to all participants. It was necessary only to register. You can watch this video:

In the description for this video, I put a referral link and users collected free tokens for it. I was credited for this 63573 IOST. At the rate that was at the time of recording the video, it was $ 890, and now it is more than $ 1000, because tokens have risen in price. I assume that the cost will rise to 5 cents, so I don’t rush to exchange them.

Almost from the start, IOST coins were added to the listing of such well-known exchanges as




Why am I talking about airdrop, which has already been completed? For you to understand how profitable it is. After all, many say that such distribution is a waste of time. Here is a proof of the opposite. Yes, I managed to collect profits by attracting referrals, but this is what you can do, I don’t have so many views on the channel, and I’m really recording videos without quality equipment.

How I earned cryptocurrency at Airdrop $ 890

IOST cryptocurrency and its prospects

I would like to take this opportunity to tell a little about this token, because it has potential for growth . According to my forecast, this coin will cost 5 cents in a few months, i.e. the rate will rise approximately 4-5 times. If you now invest in altcoin, you can get 400-500 percent.

The project is interesting, the developers have created a new infrastructure where smart contracts can be used, there is support for dApps, developers can use different programming languages. For transaction approval, the Fast grade commit protocol is used. High security provided by Huds.

With a capitalization of $ 138,600,034, this token currently takes 57th place in the world ranking (17th place among tokens). According to some experts, by the end of 2018, the course can rise to $ 300. It is hard to believe in it; rather, such drastic changes can occur in 2019-2020. In any case, everyone is sure that the quotes will rise.

How I earned cryptocurrency at Airdrop $ 890

What is Airdrop and how do you make money on it?

Newbies who don’t understand what they were going to go to this page There is a speech, and who distributes free coins. Airdrop programs are conducted by the developers of new altcoins themselves. They need to quickly introduce their coins into circulation, because their course is directly dependent on popularity. Having distributed part of the tokens, they give impetus to their project:

Initially, the coins are worth nothing, but everything changes with the development of the project. Therefore, you need to collect all the tokens and just wait for them to appear on the stock exchange, then they can be exchanged for Bitcoins, altcoins, or even national currencies. In some cases, it takes several months to wait, but time is short.

As a rule, cryptocurrency is enough for participation in Airdrop:

  • register on the website;
  • subscribe to Telegram;
  • subscribe in social networks;
  • subscribe to Email newsletter;
  • write a post on your page;
  • write a post on the forum;
  • make a repost on your page.

The topic is current, only you need to look for fresh distributions. You can collect hundreds of different tokens, spending a maximum of a couple of minutes. If you are interested, I recommend watching the playlist with cryptocurrency on my channel. Not only instructions are collected there, there are a lot of useful things, new clips about Airdrop are constantly added.

How I earned cryptocurrency at Airdrop $ 890

Where else can I get a free cryptocurrency?

In addition to the Airdrop programs, there are also bounty programs. What is the difference? Airdropes are scattered for elementary actions (sometimes coins are simply scattered between holders of some cryptocurrency). To participate in the bounty requires the implementation of more complex actions - for example, attracting referrals.

If you want to get free coins, see my video, there are links to the current distribution in the description:

In the bounty, the rewards are higher, but also requirements are more serious. Somewhere even asked to write detailed reviews of projects. I recommend you to engage referrals. You do not have your own channel? Then you can use one of these ways:

  • distribution of the link in social networks;
  • creating topics and writing messages on the forums;
  • commenting blogs;
  • placing clips on video hosting sites;
  • personal recommendations;
  • buying advertising in social groups. networks;
  • banner, teaser, contextual advertising.

Earnings on Airdrop cryptocurrency brings a big profit , especially if you use affiliate programs. Being a TOP blogger is not necessary for this, but it is important to choose high-quality sites and make effective advertising for your link. Personally for me, YouTube is more suitable, which of the options presented you choose, decide for yourself.

When referrals are attracted, tighten registrations through the axle boxes. Create tasks for Wmmail and Socpublic, I myself do it, pay for a couple of rubles to performers and get more tokens that can grow in price.

Even if you don't attract referrals, it makes sense to collect Airdrop. There are plenty of examples of how the currency being distributed went up in price and brought in 50-100 dollars each. Agree, a good reward for registration or subscription in social networks. True, only a small part of tokens become expensive, however, you will definitely be satisfied with the profit, because this is money out of thin air.

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