How effective is autosurfing in site promotion?

The fact that through click-through sponsors you can attract a huge audience of visitors to your sites at minimal cost is known to every webmaster.

However, not many use this feature, and some even think that surfing and auto-surfing are useless tools.

How effective is autosurfing in site promotion? You can not even imagine how much this functionality can be useful to you. Their income depends on the attendance of resources, so it is logical that cheat should correct the position of your profit with the monetization of the resource.

How effective is autosurfing in site promotion?

Why do I need to order surfing?

The main purpose of using attendance markups is to attract the attention of direct advertisers. Monetizing the site through direct advertising is the most profitable option, but you will have to make some efforts to find someone willing to pay for advertising space on your site.

If your project has attendance of 100-200 hosts, this will not only affect the low cost of advertising, but also lead to a total absence of advertisers. Imagine if the advertiser sees that your site is visited every day by several thousand users? Naturally, it will interest him.

All you have to do is use the click sponsors, which provide the function of hiding the source of the transition. All advertisers check the statistics, and if it shows that users come from mailers, the transaction will not take place.

Where to order autosurfing?

The ideal option is the Wmmail project. Only in this system, when ordering attendance cheat, you can specify the source links. The fact is that the administration of this site has long developed a program for convenient surfing and autosurf sites.

Users browsing websites through software can perform conversions, for example, from Yandex.

After registering in this system, go to the advertiser's menu and create a new order for surfing, in the settings you need to check the box next to Hide HTTP_REFERER:

How effective is autosurfing in site promotion?

After that field to add the referrer page. Click on the "Add" link, after which the following window will appear:

How effective is autosurfing in site promotion?

Here you can specify any pages to go to your resource. You can also click on the icon of one of the search engines and indicate the request by which visitors will navigate to your site. Agree, it is very convenient, and most importantly, it is not at all expensive.

Surfing on Wmmail is available in several types:

How effective is autosurfing in site promotion?

As you can see, using the cheapest option, you cannot hide the source of the visit, so it’s better to use Standart or VIP. Total for 1000 visitors you pay about $ 2. 5, that is, 0. 0025 for a unique visit.

An experienced advertiser will catch me clear!

Most experienced advertisers will set the transition requirement. For example, they will pay you $ 100 for advertising space on the site, but they will require at least 500 clicks on advertising.

Here again, click-based sponsors will be useful to you, since you can create arbitrary tasks on them. For example, specify several requests by which they will search for your site in a search engine, and also write what ad unit you need to go through and how much time to spend on the advertiser's site.

They pay 1-2 cents for such actions, which is also quite a bit. To make it easier for you to understand, here’s a vivid example of one of the tasks:

How effective is autosurfing in site promotion?

You don’t have to pay for all referrals, because your site will have some visitors, and they will also click on ads. But even a hundred transitions with a cost of $ 1 does not greatly affect the total profit.

Obviously, using the functionality of a click sponsors helps to increase profits. The only thing webmasters should remember is not using mailers as the main source of traffic.

So that you have no problems, cheat no more than 50% of the total level of traffic to your site. Simply put, embellish existing indicators, and do not create them through cheating.

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