How does the search engine work? Algorithms, rankings, sanctions

Internet technologies are developing at a rapid pace, and people are actively using them and do not even think about how it all works.

In honesty, we all use search engines, the work of which is necessary for everyone who delves into the sphere of remote earnings.

How does a search engine work? Algorithms, rankings, sanctions - all this is connected with search engines, and in this article we will take a closer look at these three concepts and try to explain to beginners, due to which we easily find the necessary information in Google or Yandex.

How does the search engine work? Algorithms, rankings, sanctions

The principle of operation of search engines

By and large, a search engine is a huge database that is constantly changing thanks to a special algorithm.

The special code on the full machine checks the pages of sites, collects their statistics and makes calculations, and then distributes the sites to different places of search results.

Site owners intentionally try to make their sites take the lead, as this increases traffic, but not everything is so simple. To promote a resource, you have to learn all the subtleties of optimization.

Until you understand the basic concepts, it is impossible to understand the principle of the work of search engines.

How does the search engine work? Algorithms, rankings, sanctions

Search Engine Algorithms

These are the very program codes that automatically collect data about sites and distribute them according to different positions in the issue. For each request, the output is built separately, and for users to find exactly what they need, these algorithms take into account many different parameters.

According to some data, search engine algorithms take into account more than 700 different parameters of the page and the site as a whole in order to determine its position. This includes internal linking, the weight of anchor links, the presence of keywords, page loading speed, behavioral factors and much more.

How does the search engine work? Algorithms, rankings, sanctions

Website ranking

This is the process by which the page position is determined. Each project is separately ranked by algorithms and after that it is assigned a certain position in the search results. The ranking is made constantly, because new materials appear in the network, and they also have a chance to become leaders.

Search results are changed several times a month , and the best and most relevant sites reach the highest positions.

How does the search engine work? Algorithms, rankings, sanctions

Search engine sanctions

When a site owner tries to promote a site in prohibited ways, search engines apply sanctions. Filters are superimposed on the resource, it can lose the TIC, go to the farthest positions or disappear altogether from the search results.

There are many rules for search engines and they are violated quite often. Under different violations, separate filters are created. For example, sanctions could be applied if links were bought, too many keywords were used on one page, or the information was completely copied from another site.

It’s not easy to figure out how search engines work, so optimizers (those who promote websites) spend years to gain useful knowledge and necessary skills.

If you decide to learn more about the promotion of sites, then you have to read many articles, because without theory in practice you can make a lot of irreparable mistakes.

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