How does the distance learning system work?

Today, you can do anything on the Internet, starting with online games, ending with a side job. Also, recently, distance learning has been actively developing.

Some universities have already begun to provide trainees with the opportunity to study without leaving home, but there are not so many offers.

Distance learning, all the pros and cons of this method of obtaining new knowledge, you need to gather before you agree. For this form of training you will have to pay money.

It is necessary to choose carefully and not to agree to the offers of dubious companies. Otherwise, your education certificate may not be valid.

How does the distance learning system work?

In general, this is very similar to correspondence courses, where students do not attend the institution daily.

Instead of personal visits, during distance learning, lectures are conducted via the Internet. Also held and passing tests with exams, the documents are sent by e-mail, after which they are checked by the teacher.

For some people, this is the only way to get an education . Naturally, this is used by fraudsters offering diplomas with supposedly distant learning.

In fact, they sell "fake" documents and take no fun money for it, so you can only study at official educational institutions.

How does the distance learning system work?

Distance learning courses are cheaper, is this a good option?

Honestly, finding decent courses and teachers is too difficult. They take money for learning, and then it turns out that they absolutely do not care what you learn.

Even if they have the necessary level of knowledge, they are not always able to transfer experience to other people. Some do not even have a pedagogical education (or education at all).

Often, courses on copywriting, freelancing, and creating websites are offered on the Internet. Almost all of them are identical and it makes no sense to spend money on them.

All information is publicly available, including on our blog (for webmasters, about freelancing, making money on copywriting). Right now you can do self-education with the hundreds of articles we have written.

Of course, in this case you will not get a diploma, but when you work on the Internet, it is not required, here the most important is knowledge and skills (the more you know how, the more you get).

How does the distance learning system work?

I want to buy quality courses, where to look?

During the years of work on the Internet, I had to watch many different courses from different authors. Only occasionally was it possible to find something worthwhile. Evgeny Popov is the person who built a successful infobusiness and who really has something to learn.

On its website you can buy courses:

  • Super Motion (dedicated to 2D graphics);
  • ;
  • Secrets of the master of subject photography;
  • .

These and many other training courses really help to get new knowledge, they are written in understandable language and I haven’t been able to find something like this on the Internet. If you decide to spend money on self-education, then this is the best option.

Distance learning does not have to be official, you can organize it yourself using free sources of information.

Is it worth using distance learning? If you do not have another opportunity to get an education at a university, then this is the way out. It is better to go at least to the correspondence form of education, since the sphere of remote education is not yet finalized.

Most importantly, do not believe the scammers; fake diplomas and empty training courses are not needed by anyone.

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