How does SEO look like a sport?

How often do you draw parallels in your life between things that are closely related?

Have you ever noticed that some processes can be very similar? An excellent example is sports exercises and ways to promote a site. Support of a good figure and competent maintenance of a resource are in many respects similar processes.

What is common between SEO and sports? There are several points in which the optimization and promotion of the site is similar to sports. If you do both, then you will probably be interested to know what they have in common.

How does SEO look like a sport?

How is website promotion like a sport?

  1. Frequency and stability. To achieve high results in sports, as well as in the promotion of the site, you need to constantly work. The athlete and the optimizer should have a fixed work schedule, and if there are pauses, then problems also arise. The athlete loses form, and unstable promotion reduces the performance of the site.
  2. Proper nutrition. All sports people know that nutrition plays a crucial role. Webmasters "feed" their sites with high-quality content and purchased links. The more high-quality information (text, pictures, videos), the more interest a resource arouses in visitors and search engines. As for the reference mass, it is necessary, like vitamins, for more effective promotion.
  3. Naturalness. When an athlete begins to use chemical food supplements, his muscle mass grows, but he does not become stronger, and if there is a surge of strength, it affects health. This can be compared with the black SEO methods, which may help to quickly promote the site, but create great risks of falling under the search engine filters.
  4. A clear strategy. To obtain the necessary results, you need to perform a whole set of exercises. Athletes perform exercises for individual parts of the muscles. Similarly, webmasters need to remember the different actions needed to promote. This could include external optimization, internal linking, article optimization and much more.
  5. It is difficult to achieve results. As in sports, it is difficult to achieve serious results in website promotion. For several days of work, it will not be possible to build muscle or to force away the accumulated fat. Also, you can not quickly promote a project. By investing money in advertising and attracting professionals, the optimizer hires a trainer, which speeds up the achievement of results, but does not make it instant.

How does SEO look like a sport?

Sports and SEO have a lot in common , and we advise everyone to lead an active lifestyle.

The negative consequences of working at a computer can occur at any time, so you need to replenish the sitting work with active leisure and stable sports exercises.

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