How does Google determine the regionality of the site?

Practically everyone considers the Russian counterparts of foreign projects to be crude and not well thought out.

Similarly, in the plan with Yandex, there are people who are looking for information only in the global search engine, considering its algorithms are prioritized. However, there are many factors by which these services can be compared.

Regionality in Google is one of the reasons why it is sometimes necessary to give preference to the Russian search giant.

The fact is that Google does not provide webmasters with the opportunity to specify the region of the site (Yandex has such a tool). This creates some problems when searching for incorrect information.

How does Google determine the regionality of the site?

Imagine that you live in Belarus, type "Pizza Delivery", and on the first lines of issue are Russian websites.

Obviously, they do not respond to the request, so you have to use longer forms of requests. In Yandex it is much more convenient, since there you can specify your region in the search settings (how to change the search).

Such curiosities are not uncommon, especially within countries. Why is this happening? Because Google does not offer to specify the region of the user or site, it takes it into account for various factors:

  1. IP address - it is checked both on the site servers and on the search engine users. It often happens that IP is mistakenly tied to another region, and the server can be located in another country.
  2. Contact information is a factor for determining the regionality of a site. On the resource pages there are phone numbers, addresses, even currencies by which the region of the site is determined.
  3. Location - it became much easier to track it after mobile devices appeared. With the help of GPS and Android it is possible to understand exactly where a person is.
  4. How does Google determine the regionality of the site?
  5. Domain zone - it defaults to the search engine for which country the site is created. But this is only in the case of type zones. ru. When used. com or. org, it is better to specify geographical settings in Google Console:
  6. How does Google determine the regionality of the site?
  7. Business Google - an additional opportunity for owners of commercial sites to link to the region. Add company to business. google. com, it requires verification.

In many ways, Google is ahead of Yandex, but if users can easily select the region there and errors are completely excluded, then they often happen on Google. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to conduct a search outside your region, and if it is determined automatically, it is not so convenient to do it.

It’s impossible to talk a lot about regionality on Google, because it simply doesn’t. The search giant decided it was better to locate people and, based on different data, determine the geography of the site. This has its advantages, but manual selection of the region is still more preferable.

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