How do you praise your employees?

Accompanying any type of business, sooner or later, every entrepreneur has to involve a team of professionals to do a certain job.

In order to get things going, you need to learn how to work with the staff, because even the appearance of your praise can affect their performance.

How should you praise your employees? An interesting experiment was conducted by Carol Dweck with a group of schoolchildren who proved that the kind of praise affects the actions of people.

In this article we will tell about this experiment, and if you are interested in the topic of personnel management, be sure to find out the mistakes of the beginning bosses.

How do you praise your employees?

The experiment with the praise of school children

An audience of 400 fifth-graders was invited to conduct this experiment. Each of them was given a light test, in which there were some different tasks. After it was completed, each student was separately praised and presented the number of points they were able to score.

Naturally, the praise was different. Intentionally, one group of schoolchildren was pointed out to their high level of knowledge, and to others the enormous work that they did to complete the tasks. After that, they were asked to make a choice between the following two tests.

The first one was positioned as complex and capable of teaching them a lot, and the second one as easy and useless.

What do you think, which group of students chose the easy test? The one that was praised, admiring their level of knowledge. And those students who were told that they had worked well, most of them chose difficult tasks.

It is not important how they coped with passing the test, the most important thing is that the experiment really proved the influence of the type of praise.

What conclusion can be drawn from this experiment for all those involved in management? You should never tell employees that they are talented and admire their level of knowledge. It is much more effective to admire their labor contributions and encourage increased activity.

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