How do torrent owners earn? torrent income

Today, file sharing systems have lost their relevance, and users are starting to forget about such services as DepositFiles. What made it happen? There are torrents that are much more convenient to download, and with a large number of distributions, you can also do it very quickly.

On file hosting services you could earn money by downloading files, selling premium accounts, but how do you earn money from torrents? If you actively use them, you probably should have noticed that after downloading the torrent, it does not open through the program, but runs as an exe file.

How do torrent owners earn? torrent income

Torrent income

After opening, the user is offered not only to download files, but also to install various toolbars, clients, programs and other software. Here is an excellent example of opening one of the torrents that brings money to someone:

How do torrent owners earn? torrent income

At the top of the window you can see the inscription "By installing Yandex. Bar, you are helping Torrent". Now absolutely everyone uses the installation wizard, so you can "help" not only official companies, but also private users.

For downloading toolbars, clients and other programs, to the person who distributes the torrent, a small amount is credited (1. 5-3 rubles). Small payment? Imagine if he launches 100 torrents, and from each of them he gets another 100 installations? In large-scale volumes, this type of earnings can be very successful.

The popular MediaGet service provides an opportunity to earn money on torrents for distribution. Through the affiliate program website, you will receive links to various distributions and will be able to distribute them, getting paid for it.

After registering in the system, go to different torrents and copy links from the address bar:

How do torrent owners earn? torrent income

It is very important to register first, otherwise the links will not contain your unique identifier. Therefore, you will work without benefit.

In addition, the installers of various programs can be inserted into torrents. This method is less effective, however, and it is used for earnings. You can still make money on torrents by creating your own tracker or client, but this is too complicated an option that requires serious knowledge and investment.

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