How do intermediaries earn online? intermediary business

There are many opportunities to build a business on the Internet and, even without a high level of knowledge, you can earn money successfully. It is not necessary to do the work yourself, it can be done by another person or even a company, and you only need to find a person who agrees to pay more than the specialist (company) asks.

How do intermediaries earn on the network? They search for clients and establish contacts with performers or use services of services. Of course, doing this kind of work is not at all easy, but on the other hand, without performing the bulk of the work, you can receive substantial contributions.

How do intermediaries earn online? intermediary business

Intermediary business on the Internet

To understand what is at stake, let's analyze a specific example. Suppose that you have a familiar webmaster who can develop a corporate website for 5,000 rubles. You find a user interested in creating a corporate site and indicate the amount of 7000 rubles.

After processing the order, transfer all the data to a familiar webmaster, and take the difference in price to yourself.

It seems to be nothing complicated, you just need to spend your time and you can get money, but it is not. The first problem is finding customers, finding a person who agrees to overpay for work is not easy. The second problem is responsibility, you will have to vouch for both sides of the transaction.

The client will have to pay, and the contractor will have to do his job properly on time. Unfortunately, the second problem is common. What if conditions are violated? All work falls on your shoulders, so you either have to find someone who can quickly complete the order, or do it yourself.

How do intermediaries earn online? intermediary business

For experienced freelancers, the intermediary business is ideal. When the client base becomes impressive, and there is no time to do the work, it is enough to use the freelance exchanges and find a performer. With long-term cooperation with one person you can be sure of its stability, and in the future the risks will be much lower.

What percentage is best for increasing value? The best option is to increase the cost by 20-30%, but at the same time set a limit. For example, professionals may require 30,000 rubles for the development of an online store, in which case 30% will turn into a tidy sum that a client is unlikely to want to overpay.

Before you choose an area for earning on mediation, you will need to gain some knowledge. What for? At a minimum, you should understand the basics of the work to be done so as not to look silly when communicating with a customer.

In addition, you will need to assess the quality of the work of the contractor (at least superficially), so that in case of refusal to pay, you can make an objective conclusion and figure out who is right.

In general, this kind of activity is interesting and promising, because the more stable performers and customers you can find, the higher the turnover will be. You can start this kind of earnings without investments, so feel free to try it out.

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