How do gamers earn on their hobby?

The Internet not only opened up new opportunities for us, but also added to the list of the most exciting entertainment.

Now there is an increased interest in online games, some users spend several hours every day to capture cities, get resources, pump your character, buy a new tank and so on.

Earnings for gamers on the Internet is a great opportunity to make a passion for profitable business.

Almost every online game can be turned into a source of profit . There are many options, starting with recording game videos for earning on YouTube, ending with the provision of services for leveling heroes.

How do gamers earn on their hobby?

If you search well, you can find a lot of different websites on the Internet to sell game items, currencies, and characters.

One of the most popular is this. Different goods are sold here, and if you have regular supplies (for example, game currency), you can build a full-fledged business.

Another good option for earning a gamer is to participate in tournaments. If there are no tournaments in your game, become an organizer.

Create a simple one-page site and collect start-up capital to create prizes (you can buy inexpensive goods for the winners).

Where does the money come from? You will attract attention and be able to earn money from advertising or by offering your own services (goods). You can also take money for participation in the competition ( 90% for winnings, 10% for yourself ).

In general, gamers have a lot of opportunities to make money online. If the game is your hobby, and you spend a lot of time on it, then you are well aware of how to develop, what to buy, who to attack, and so on.

Create a blog, invent interesting articles, write down some videos and post screenshots from the game.

If you manage to collect a lot of people on the pages of your own site, it will bring income. Earnings on the fan site of any game can be monetized in various ways.

Choose games with a withdrawal of money and earn

To earn income from your favorite business without problems, use those games in which you can display game currency.

Many experienced projects have been created for experienced gamers, such as, and so on. They also need to develop, constantly play, and earned play money can be withdrawn.

If you don’t like long-term development, and you want to immediately start earning income, then it’s better to use simple investment games.

For example, it is proposed to buy cars that automatically generate income. It will not be possible to start without investments, but the money spent quickly pays off:

How do gamers earn on their hobby?

After the purchase, the machines automatically collect a profit. You can participate in races, carry out individual orders in the city, open your company, attract referrals and even tune cars:

How do gamers earn on their hobby?

About a year ago I started playing Taxi Money and through I had a lot of different cars in my garage for several months. Now I bring more than 5,000 rubles from the site every day, for a month there is a round sum:

How do gamers earn on their hobby?

You can achieve this too, you need to actively play, invest a lot and invite new participants. Money is withdrawn for e-wallets, phone numbers and even bank cards, I use different methods, here’s the last payment:

How do gamers earn on their hobby?

Exactly the same conditions are offered by other games with real money withdrawals. If you use several projects at once, you can reach a high yield.

If you are interested in such games, be sure to register at

. On this project, too, favorable conditions and for a deposit of 5,000 rubles, attach referrals for free.

You can earn a gamer on the Internet in many ways, and now you know how to turn a hobby into a source of profit. You can start even without investments, and if you try hard, the income will be huge.

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