How do foreigners copywriters work? | Workion. ru

Remote work interests not only Russian citizens. On the Internet now earn in all developed countries, and much more active.

Everyone knows that technology develops abroad much faster, and copywriting is the most common type of freelancing used throughout the world.

Copywriting in the United States and France is developing much faster than in Russia. Various courses and e-books about copywriting in English are massively distributed on the Internet.

It is simply unrealistic to compare them with information products in our country. Profitable foreign copywriting rips all records.

How do foreigners copywriters work? | Workion. ru

After the appearance of some problems in economic terms (and they touched many European countries), freelancing became even more popular.

Those wishing to work remotely were especially added in Russia and Ukraine. Unfortunately, this creates one global problem - the authors are ready to work for a penny, and it is becoming more and more difficult to find professionals in this “thicker” one.

Why did we decide to consider copywriting in France and the USA? Because they are very similar. Unlike our compatriots, foreigners decide to write and sell articles, not because they have nowhere else to work. Most choose this activity purposefully, they like this kind of work.

Newbies in Russia and abroad are differently joining the copywriter craft. Abroad, really effective trainings are held, but most of them are conducted with one goal - to get money from students.

In America, entrepreneurs understand how important copywriting is. Professionals learn not just to print texts, they learn SEO and learn other related areas.

How do foreigners copywriters work? | Workion. ru

All this affects the following factors:

  • the need for high-quality copywriting increases;
  • appears more and more popular copywriters who not only sell articles but run their own business;
  • there are even copywriters in the USA millionaires, they are authors who get a lot of money and spend a set amount of time every year; they know how to develop, so after a minor PR, they immediately increase the rates;
  • newcomers crowd in a copywriting niche, one Not everyone is able to get to the professional level.

If we compare the USA and France, then in the first country freelancing is much more developed (including copywriting).

In comparison with them, French authors "go to kindergarten", what can we say about the Russian segment. However, progress is everywhere, who knows who will be the copywriting leader in the future.

How do foreigners copywriters work? | Workion. ru

Decided to gain experience and become a professional author? We'll have to reread a lot of articles and practice for a long time. Be sure to find out what advertising copywriting is.

Not everyone can learn copywriting and successfully earn in this niche. Print articles, physically everyone can, but express thoughts, like a real writer and constantly improve their quality, given only to talented authors.

Maybe you have a talent, you just haven't revealed it yet, so try making money on texts.

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