How do copywriters cheat? copywriting scammers

Unscrupulous Internet users are found in absolutely all areas, but when talking about working in the network comes, here it is necessary to provide for all sorts of risks in order not to lose their money.

Copywriting is a great option for a remote part-time job, in which there are also scammers.

How do copywriters cheat? There are quite a few ways to deceive the authors of the texts; therefore, not attentive and cautious copywriters regularly face various problems. If you are planning or are already doing copywriting, carefully read the article and be on the lookout.

How do copywriters cheat? copywriting scammers

Copywriting scammers

  1. A tempting offer. You can register on content exchanges without confirming your name or surname, so fraudsters feel free. After completing the next registration, they create a task, which presents favorable conditions for the authors. For example, a customer needs 20 articles on the topic of tourism and he is willing to pay 50 rubles for every 1000 characters. Practice shows that many authors will respond to such a proposal, and the customer will say that he will take for a permanent job only the one whose verification article he likes more. After that, he gets 15-20 unique articles of different quality and just disappears. To avoid unnecessary problems, the texts are scattered on various satellites and TOS, and copywriters never get paid, and the truth here is unlikely to be achieved.
  2. Low quality. No matter how competent you are a copywriter, you can definitely find some flaw in your texts. Incorrect comma, typo, and so on. In some cases, even carping for a symbol; or: which did not need to be installed in the text. What follows after that? The usual refusal to pay, with a direct indication of the shortcomings, and possibly insults at your address. Which exit? Take a prepayment, but not all customers agree on this, so these problems continue to occur.
  3. Periodic payment. Fraudsters using such schemes are the most cunning and get a lot of high-quality unique content. To begin with, they are looking for a good copywriter, supposedly for long-term cooperation. Finding a good and, most importantly, a permanent customer is not so easy, so many people agree to cooperate, even if the user rating is not high. The first few weeks you can pay money, and then asked to go to pay by month, explaining that the convenience or the inability to make permanent payments. Having invested their work for a whole month, you may be left with nothing, and there will be no one to complain, you did not draw up official documents.

How do copywriters cheat? copywriting scammers

Before you take up any order, be sure to pay attention to the customer rating, and if possible ask for prepayment. The only option to punish the attacker, if he did not pay for your work - is to put the text on the site with fast indexing.

Of course, nobody will pay you for it, but you will not leave the scammer of your work , and perhaps even he will receive penalties from search engines for copy-paste.

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