How do casino losses make you keep playing?

Casino owners on the Internet are not stupid and do not just spend several million rubles to get a license.

They all know that you can withdraw money from customers and use different psychological techniques. Scientists have repeatedly talked about the influence of different events on players, but many do not believe in it.

How do losses in a casino force you to continue playing? It seems that this is not realistic, because after numerous failures, few people will want to continue to put money.

But there is one trick here that allows you to motivate the activity of the players. They are as close as possible to winning, so that they feel the taste of victory, but at the last moment they tear off dreams.

How do casino losses make you keep playing?

Almost won - it does not count

Every experienced player knows the feeling when you were one step away from a victory, but everything fell through. Then the last slot of the slots gives out the wrong symbol, then the ball in the roulette wheel falls on the next window.

And sometimes you even try to double the winnings in slot machines, but you let it all down. Such situations make the player think that he has almost won, not quite enough, it pushes to replenish the balance again and continue the game.

Immediately, two large universities (Exeter and Swansea) conducted an interesting study. With the help of a simple experiment and modern technology, they were convinced that the “almost win” activates the part of the brain that affects the promotion.

Simply put, the brain perceives such situations as a victory and because of this errors occur in the future.

For this experiment, men with different levels of food addiction (what is food addiction) were involved. That victories, that “almost victories” influenced their brains in the same way, so they got involved in the process and expressed an active desire to continue the game.

Research universities continue to this day, I wonder what else they can prove.

How do casino losses make you keep playing?

If you were close to victory, it means on the right track.

Another interesting study was done by Henry Chase and Luke Clark. They were interested in another common phenomenon. Many players try not just to play, but work out their own strategies. They use clever ways, study probability theory and use strategies.

When they manage to get as close as possible to the winnings, there is a feeling that the circuit has worked, it lacked only a little. In fact, this is a normal loss, it just does not apply to it correctly. The fact that we managed to “almost win” does not mean that in the next round we will manage to hit the jackpot.

To capture brain activity, also attracted men and women who participated in the game of chance.

After another defeat, but close to winning, the blood rushed to the brain, it made them play even more risky . Skill does not hone how close the joy of victory would be.

A similar study was conducted by experts from the Donders Institute. They came to the conclusion that in situations with a close victory, dependent gamers continued to play much more actively.

If there are not enough pairs of cards for a flash piano, it does not mean that luck is somewhere nearby. It is quite possible that with the next draws the cards will be even worse.

Unfortunately, players are driven by a foggy brain that senses a profit. Therefore, all losses must be treated equally and not paying attention to how close the victory was.

The most difficult for avid gamblers is self-control in online casinos. Due to various events, one has to periodically experience fraudulent sensations. Almost winning is never considered a win, stay cool, even if you only have one or two games left before the jackpot.

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