How did the site Odnoklassniki

The social network is one of the few projects created for a certain age group of people and also translated into several languages.

By the name of this site you can already guess that it is designed to search for classmates or classmates, but today it is used for different purposes.

For example, in this soc. networks can make money, as we described in detail in the article How to make money on Odnoklassniki. But today I would like to tell you about how the Odnoklassniki website appeared and developed.

Several million people are registered on this site, so the information should be interesting to many.

How did the site Odnoklassniki

When did Odnoklassniki appear?

The official birthday of this social service. Network March 4, 2006. Project developer Albert Popkov , who lives in London. Before the launch of this site, he had to work on developing similar foreign resources, and the Odnoklassniki website was created by him as a Hobby.

But when users began to actively register on it, Albert opened his company and began to improve the site.

From 2006 to 2007, the audience of the resource has grown from 1. 5 million to 4 million participants. Since 2008, changes have been made that have closed access to free registration. No money profile could be created, but the functionality was limited, for example, it was impossible to send messages.

Only in 2010, it was fixed, and free registration opened. By this time, more than 45 million users have already registered.

In 2011 and 2012, a huge number of changes were made within the Odnoklassniki website. So, users got the opportunity to group friends, attach bank cards, listen to and download music, listen to the radio and change the design of their page.

All this affected the popularity of the project and by the end of 2012, 135 million participants had already been registered on it.

How did the site Odnoklassniki

2013 is the leader in the number of important events for Odnoklassniki. During this time there have been many changes:

  • attendance has grown to 40 million per day;
  • the number of registrations has grown to 220 million participants;
  • added the opportunity creating polls in groups;
  • added English, Armenian and Tajik versions of the site;
  • added voting buttons;
  • a version of the site was developed for visually impaired people;
  • Odnoklassniki came out in the TOP 10 of the world social. networks;
  • now you can edit comments.

In 2013, the Odnoklassniki website owner had to face various disruptions, due to which the social network was often inaccessible, but this was fixed.

Year 2014 is also filled with various events related to Odnoklassniki. For example, now you can check in your friend's photo, you can share videos, subscribe to a video channel, and also add new themes to design your page.

But the most important thing is the transition to a new domain, now Odnoklassniki are located at.

Today, each of us can take advantage of the functionality of this project, it’s enough to go through an easy registration:

How did the site Odnoklassniki

After entering all the data and clicking on the "Register" button, you also you will need to enter a phone number and pass verification.

The Workion blog was created on the topic of online earnings, so in conclusion I would like to add that you can use the Odnoklassniki project for different purposes.

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