How did Li Fung decide to improve East Union?

Large companies are always developing, and if you have been looking for an investment project for a long time, then first of all, evaluate its prospects.

Now there are many systems for profitable investments, however not each of them can boast of serious results in development and they do not share plans for the future.

East Union moves to a new level, and Li Fang has been appointed director. The name of this manager is known to many, as he once made a huge contribution to the development of the Alibaba Group Corporation (owners).

He began working on November 23 and immediately amended the investment project.

How did Li Fung decide to improve East Union?

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An experienced manager from the very first days came up with an even more profitable scheme of earnings on real estate. In general, everything remains as well, foreign real estate is acquired at the expense of investors, which is then resold at a higher price.

So that after resale it was possible to collect good money, he proposed to establish a "green" energy.

Before selling a house, special panels will be installed on it. They generate energy by collecting sunlight. Naturally, the priority will now be set on real estate in sunny states.

Solar panels will be supplied by Shandong Jingyang Solar Energy Co. , LTD :

How did Li Fung decide to improve East Union?

S. Li Fang signed a contract for 5 years, the negotiations lasted 2. 5 months, after which he agreed to participate in the development of East Union. Many believe that projects on the Internet are a divorce, but real professionals are involved here, using the services of major developers of modern technology.

The only thing that may partly disappoint some customers is the sale of houses that were previously purchased for rent.

Stable deductions came from the rent, but some objects are not suitable for modernization, so they will have to be sold. For the change of conditions, additional interest will be paid to investors.

Due to the introduction of green energy, it is planned to achieve profitability from a deal of up to 200% . The East Union project is becoming even more profitable, and the five-year contract with Lee Fang talks about serious plans for the future.

If you have not yet become a client of this company, then itโ€™s time to register and purchase shares of foreign real estate, huge money is not required for this.

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