How did glenn martin succeed?

Dreams of a good wealthy life and own business visit you too often? It's time to get down to business and come up with something.

There is a huge amount of options and to say that all niches are already not occupied correctly. You can start, even if there is no start-up capital, at least to engage in self-education.

Learning to walk with Glenn Martin? Not everyone knows the name of this person, but it was he who invented the jet pack so that each person could feel comfortable flights.

His path to success lies through a lot of obstacles, but he never stopped and in 2017 the first sales of his aircraft are planned.

How did glenn martin succeed?

Glenn comes from New Zealand, confident that only paranoia can turn a person into a successful entrepreneur.

This is not a disease, but a serious approach to business. You need to literally live your own work, and not just go to work, while always waiting for a dirty trick and secure.

Martin was really paranoid (in a good sense of the word). He kept all his ideas and ideas in great secrecy. The non-disclosure agreement he forced to sign everyone who knew about his project, including his own wife.

Glenn analyzed the actions of popular inventors and came to the conclusion that each of them did not get rich just because he could not cope with commercial use.

Everyone knows that dreams of wealth lead to success, but wealth can be not only monetary. When Martin was a child, he dreamed of flying and wanted him to have a jet pack. Then no one took his words seriously, but Glenn himself grew and constantly thought about it.

As he himself claims, his father was strongly influenced by his actions. In the 1930s, he built a house for his family, while using gravel from the bottom of the river, not far from the building.

He didn't have enough money? Partly played this factor, but it was his rule in life - " If you are not able to do what you can do at the factory, this is a failure ". Later, Glenn adopted this rule of life for himself.

Together with his father, they were engaged in different work and even collected old cars in the garage. Even then, Glenn began to appear the makings of a technician, which later came in handy.

How did glenn martin succeed?

Martin did not start his development as a teenager, he lived and worked. The landing of people on the moon in 1960 became one of the turning points in his life, which made us remember the old dream and realize it.

Glenn began to think about where to get money for a business, began attending various courses and even got a hard job. After 4 years, he had accumulated enough money to start building an aircraft.

At that time, jetpacks were already invented, but they allowed only a couple of steps to fly. This technology was adopted by Martin.

This is hard to believe, but the work was carried out in the garage (from 1984 to 2008). Of course, sometimes Martin had to close the garage for several months, as there was not enough money and he had to work, but that did not stop him.

By the way, he conducted the first test of the jet pack with his wife. He first tested it himself, and then his wife became a test pilot. Recorded videos in 1999 helped attract funding, but then the device allowed only a few inches to fly.

Martin’s success developed and even a company was opened in which he was a manager. Due to the restriction of his actions, Glenn decided to leave his post, but kept the shares, so now does not need money.

What can you conclude from Martin Glenn's story? To build a successful business, you need to be involved in your own business, invest money in it, work hard, invent something new and believe that sooner or later you will succeed.

In general, there is a lot to learn from this person, and this article should lead you to certain thoughts.

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