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Everyone uses e-commerce, and even if not everyone has wallets on the Internet, almost everyone owns bank cards.

In addition, electronic money is also stored on the phone’s balance sheet. But a few decades ago, this could only be dreamed of.

The history of e-commerce is interesting, it began in conjunction with the development of computer technology.

In 1952, IBM launched the first industrial computer and, after a few years, the first development of the SABER system, designed to automate the reservation of plane tickets, began.

How did e-commerce come about? | Workion. ru

In the age of information technology, electronic money on the Internet plays a significant role.

Once upon a time, only a few cities were connected to SABER, then the developers had already thought about the full-scale use of this method. But before the modern Internet was not even one decade.

It was that in the 60s the term e-commerce appeared meaning e-commerce. The first computer programs involving the use of such commerce were designed to prepare for flights and order train tickets.

If you read an article about where the Internet comes from, you know at what time the world wide web was born. In parallel with it, more and more technologies appeared, including electronic commerce.

Although its official time is considered to be the mid-60s (then magnetic tape cards began to appear), many are not sure about this. They believe that the emergence of e-commerce occurred much later, when payments and transfers appeared on the Internet.

How did e-commerce come about? | Workion. ru

The first plastic cards

Banks that started to serve customers with cards were in the USA - these are Bank of America and Interbank Cards Association.

In order to distribute them as quickly as possible, they sent cards to customers by mail. This helped to interest people, but there were problems with opening the envelopes and stealing cards.

In spite of the negative moments, the clients quickly liked the cards and began to use them more and more actively. This is not surprising, because the use of cards was convenient for both people and banks with sellers.

After some time (in the 70s), the US government decided to tighten the rules, and obliged banks to collect data on cardholders, issuing them only in their hands and after receiving the signature in the contract.

In 1967, the first ATM took its place in London-based Barclays Bank. The developer was the company De La Rue. Immediately after installing the terminal, there was a huge line around it.

People wondered what kind of device it was and how it worked. From this point on, e-commerce began to develop even more rapidly.

How did e-commerce come about? | Workion. ru

First payment systems

Closer to the 70th year, money transfer systems appeared. The information was then stored on magnetic coils, it took a long time to transport them to other places.

The technology was refined and integrated with the Internet, with time everything became much simpler, and in the 80-90s, everyone already understood that there would soon be a real breakthrough.

An auction appeared in 1995, initially the project was not commercial. In 1998, the well-known Webmoney payment system appeared in Russia, which allows you to open virtual wallets and manage non-cash money directly via the Internet. The main development of e-commerce has occurred over the past 20 years.

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In parallel with Webmoney, several other companies appeared in Russia working in the same direction.

But, not a single payment has survived to our days, since the demand for services was minimal. The Internet quickly spread, in 2010 the volume of the e-commerce market in the Russian Federation was 240 billion rubles .

Now, though not all people use virtual accounts, at least they have heard about it.

The development of electronic money has been gradual, technologies have improved and now we can all reap the benefits. No one will argue that this is a useful technology, because it at least increased the safety of storing money.

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