How can I make money on mistakes in the BC?

No one is insured against mistakes in work, even the employees of the best bookmakers.

A lot of money is spinning in the field of sports betting, so even a small and quickly corrected mistake can entail large expenses for BC . Where will the money go? They will benefit people who have made a bet.

Making money from bookmakers mistakes is a non-standard approach and very controversial. Its essence lies in the fact that it is necessary to have time to put money when the bookmaker makes a mistake and, with the obvious result of the game, puts out not the odds that should be.

Experienced betters argue about the use of such a scheme, but there are examples of positive results in the network.

How can I make money on mistakes in the BC?

I did not invent the idea of ​​such earnings, but found it on one of the popular forums, after which I decided to share it with you. The bottom line is that you need to use the LIVE mode and wait until there is a mistake in the glasses, which instantly affect the change in the coefficients.

The author of this idea offered to watch the broadcast not through the bookmakers, but through other sources. In his opinion, bookmakers deliberately make a small delay in order to have time to enter data on scored goals. It is believed that the coefficients are calculated manually, but it is difficult to believe in it.

In any case, the program will not be able to determine who and how many scored goals, this information is entered by an employee of the company. The human factor is present, therefore, errors are possible.

When you notice that the bookmaker office is not the right account, almost at the end of the draw, you only need to make a maximum bet.

For example, team A led with a score of 1: 0, scored the second goal, and the bookmaker randomly pointed out a score of 1: 1, the winning coefficient of team A would increase dramatically, you need to have time to put it.

Such errors are not uncommon , but they will take a long time to calculate. It is better not to use big matches, games are ideally suited at a low level (for example, games of small countries).

As practice shows, on average, errors can be won by coefficients of 1. 6, which brings a good profit on large stakes.

As a proof of , let's look at a specific example of . When the score is “one goal”, the bookmaker offered to bet 1. 23, that the odds of the second team will be more than 2. 5 balls:

How can I make money on mistakes in the BC?

Obviously this will not happen, because Cyprus leads with a huge score, so you can safely bet on this ratio. What is the result:

How can I make money on mistakes in the BC?

3000 hryvnias were received, where the net profit amounted to 690 hryvnias (approximately 2100 rubles). According to the author himself, he uses the mistakes of bookmakers to earn money for 4 years and this method does not fail him.

Wait for the moment when the mistake is made is difficult, have to sit behind the monitor for a long time. In this regard, free sports predictions are much more interesting.

It is possible to beat bookmakers, and they have no right to blame you for breaking the rules. You made a bet, maybe you did not follow the game at all. There are a lot of ill-considered moments in the way, it would be interesting to read your opinion on this matter.

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