How best to dilute the reference mass on the site?

Over the past few years, search engine algorithms have changed dramatically.

If earlier it was enough to buy a lot of links from quality sites to get to the TOP, now this method can just hurt. Why? Because search engines are struggling with an artificial increase in the reference mass.

However, webmasters continue to spend money on the link. They are still considered a major factor in ranking.

In order not to fall under the filters, you need to draw a natural picture. Supposedly your resource is not promoted by links, but they appear naturally. For this, 10 ways to dilute the reference mass are useful.

How best to dilute the reference mass on the site?

How can you dilute the reference mass?

Even experienced webmasters and large promotion companies use this. Homogeneous links are suspicious, and when the site is referred to from various sources, it increases the naturalness of the reference mass.

At the same time, it is not necessary to throw out big money, you can do everything yourself:

  1. Social networks - it’s easiest to place backlinks in them and no money is required . Better not to spam, most of the entries will be deleted and the profiles will freeze. Search for any discussions or questions to reply with links to your site.
  2. How best to dilute the reference mass on the site?
  3. Profiles on sites - an experienced user has a bunch of different accounts on a wide variety of sites. Sometimes in your personal account is available column "Your site", if it is not, you can specify a link in the description, or anywhere else.
  4. Comments - most often this method is used to dilute the reference mass. Firstly, there are Dofollow blogs, where the "Your site" field is available in the comments. Secondly, the link can be placed directly in the text of the comment.
  5. Directory runs - it’s easy to find offers on the network to run through a bunch of sites and get links in different ways. Inexpensive website runs with Feedsite come in handy.
  6. Forums are a great way especially for webmasters who have any services. You can write as many reviews as you like (order them on) and then create topics on forums with suitable topics.
  7. Feedback services - things will not work for this or external links are prohibited there. But there are many similar resources, albeit not so popular. Write reviews about your site, post for free.
  8. Video hosting - it would not be superfluous to create your own channel and refer to some material under each video. I do it myself, and if you don't want to record a video, just leave the links in the comments.
  9. How best to dilute the reference mass on the site?
  10. Bulletin boards - place ads with any content for free. You can even offer work on your project, it is not important, the main thing is to get a reciprocal link.
  11. Signatures on the forums - all profiles from the forums will be useful for this. If there are none or few, use the system. There you can rent links in signatures for mere pennies. Immediately get linking from multiple pages.
  12. How best to dilute the reference mass on the site?
  13. Base Trust sites - type this in a search engine and get huge lists of sites where you can post links for free. You will put them in profiles, comments and other ways.

All these methods do not require investments (or minor). In general, you need to constantly dilute the reference mass, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Therefore, when buying links, create different companies and ask to place different anchor formats (or without them), use donors with different indicators and so on.

Optimization and promotion forces webmasters to engage in various activities. Even poor-quality links sometimes come in handy, and getting them is easy. Keep track of the reference mass constantly, so as not to please under the new filters.

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