How and where to wind Vkontakte? Fastintop service

It is hardly possible to surprise anyone with the fact that it is possible to quickly and easily cheat up almost any indicators. You can get a lot of likes, reposts, participants in groups or friends, through special services, but to use them you will need to participate in cheats or invest money.

What is the profitable cheat Vkontakte? This is a cheat, which requires less action from you. As a rule, in the services of cheating all actions are equal, that is, you want to cheat up 100 subscribers - you will need to join 100 communities. Thanks to the service

, you can make more profitable cheating.

How and where to wind Vkontakte? Fastintop service

Why choose Fastintop? Yes, because only for one like you can immediately attract 10 subscribers to the group. Don't believe, let's look at a specific example.

To begin, you will need to log in and add your own account. This is easy to do, and after that you will see a menu in which you can select a section for earning local currency (points):

The image shows one of the examples of the assignment from the section "Friends and Subscribers". As you can see, for a regular subscription to a user you will be transferred 10 points. Similar amounts are paid in other sections, so there is quite a lot of work and you can score a large number of points very quickly.

After a certain amount of local currency appears on your account, go to the "My Projects" section and add the necessary cheat.

When you create a project, you can specify what you need, like likes, group memberships, polls, reposts or subscribers to your profile. Also, when creating a project, you will specify the amount of points that will be paid to the user for completing the task (the SLC field):

For example, you can specify the value 1 and thus, only one will be charged for each completed task point The only point is a low wrap rate, since initially the most expensive tasks are presented to the performers. With SZK 1, you will wait for accomplishments for a long time, so this indicator is better, slightly increase.

In this image you can see my project. With payments of 5 points, the group managed to invite more than 5,500 users, and it took not much time to wait. It is also worth noting that we systematically had to go to the site and put at least 20 likes every day in order to replenish the balance.

How and where to wind Vkontakte? Fastintop service

An additional possibility of cheating

Not less advantageous cheating Vkontakte can be performed through the Wmmail service. There are a lot of tasks on this site, for which you can get more than 1 dollar, and then you can run your tasks with this money for just one cent.

It is natural that tasks with payment of more than one dollar contain more complex requirements, for example, to register on the site or write an article. And paying one cent for joining groups or writing a comment is quite acceptable. Now Wmmail has over 440,000 active users who can become your task performers.

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