How and where to sell the site? Telderi Exchange

Every day more and more websites appear on the Internet, but not every webmaster finds enough time to develop a project, some do not have enough knowledge, and some simply get tired of the project.

In most cases, sites are simply “thrown” and completely disappear after blocking hosting for non-payment. Why the sites throw is not clear, because they can be sold, even if it is a small blog or forum.

How to sell a website? You can search for buyers in the forums, use the services of buying out sites or put your project up for auction . The best site exchange is

. Through this exchange, you can quickly sell the site, and the transaction will be safe, and the money can be transferred to Webmoney.

How and where to sell the site? Telderi Exchange

Instructions for selling the site

First you need to register with Telderi and fill out your profile. After that you will get access to the site interface and you can create a new lot for the auction (set the site for sale):

How and where to sell the site? Telderi Exchange

After that a window appears in which you need to select the lot type, specify website address (if you are selling with a domain) and decide which type of transaction you prefer to conduct:

How and where to sell the site? Telderi Exchange

It is better to choose a safe type of transaction, since in this case you are guaranteed to get money and if necessary, you can apply to arbitration. After that, you will need to provide a lot of information about your project:

How and where to sell the site? Telderi Exchange

So that you don’t think that nobody will give money for your website and don’t get lost when setting the cost, look at what and how much websites sold on this exchange. Here is one of the illustrative examples of the fact that the site can be sold expensively:

How and where to sell the site? Telderi Exchange

A website with zero TIC and PR equal to one is listed on the exchange for 15 750 rubles, the first bid has already been made 5 250 rubles. Please note that in the Yandex index, this site has only 3 pages, the site is under the filters, however, money has already been offered for it.

To sell a website through is not difficult. After adding the lot will have to wait until there is a buyer. Once I created a car website and filled it with reviews of various cars. Puzomerki were zero, there were about 400 pages in the Yandex index including doubles, and I was paid 5,300 rubles for it:

How and where to sell the site? Telderi Exchange

Here is a detailed account that describes all the transactions in detail. The first recharge is necessary for account activation (1 kopek). After this was credited to the auction.

I had to pay 265 rubles for using the service, and two days later I transferred the database and the site directory to the user who won the auction. Everything after that was unlock and withdrawal.

The only important point when selling websites is the transfer of a domain name. To fully renew the domain to another person, you need to send a letter with a statement certified by a notary, the registrar of your domain name.

I did not do this, and after the sale of the site, the domain remained listed for me. What does it threaten with? If the domain will be used for fraudulent purposes, all claims will be sent to me, but I am more than sure that this will not happen.

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