How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Cryptocurrency purchase is a profitable investment if you choose the right Altcoin. The choice is huge, new platforms appear, but it is better to rely on long-term prospects and invest in coins, which are likely to increase in price. Some of them Ethereum - the leading platform in its segment.

How to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus? Cryptocurrencies are available to residents of any country, they are not tied to any state and are not regulated at all at the legislative level.

With the help of various services and private speculators, you can buy coins for any currency, be it rubles, dollars, hryvnia or tenge.

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Should I buy Ethereum now?

After the launch of the Ethereum platform, several years passed and during this time coins became much more popular.

In 2015, it was possible to buy ETH for only $ 2, in 2017 the rate began to grow sharply by the end of the year reached $ 700, and in early 2018 it reached a record price of almost $ 1,500. Now the figure has dropped to $ 450:

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Experts predict that at least up to $ 700 a coin will rise in price by the end of 2018. No one doubts that she will continue to gain momentum. What is the reason? There are several factors - developers use the platform to launch their projects, smart contracts are more actively applied, and investors themselves see the potential of this altcoin.

According to data for 2017, most of the ICO companies were created on Ethereum. It is difficult to say how many ERC20 standard tokens were released.

Their number continues to grow, which increases the demand for ETH. This is not the only factor, Ethereum is rapidly gaining momentum and improving.

What should be done before buying Ethereum?

The cryptocurrency is the second largest capitalization in the world (more than 40 billion dollars). Under it, new projects are created and almost all wallets already offer to store ETH.

Before buying coins, you need to make a balance for them. The simplest option is an online wallet for:

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Someone chooses other wallets, stores coins on the stock exchanges, but all this cannot be compared in security with hardware wallets. Only they can protect cryptocurrency from almost all threats.

Special devices will need to be connected to a PC or smartphone, only to confirm operations:

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Such a pleasure does not cost much, about $ 100. You can store several types of cryptocurrency in one wallet.

Setting is simple; once you set all the parameters and set the PIN code, you no longer have to bother. Also through the web interface you conduct transactions and only for digital signatures you turn on the device.

How is it advantageous to buy Ethereum without a commission?

It is unlikely that you will be able to find a way in which you do not have to give a commission at all. And if they are, the course will not be exactly profitable. Buy Ethereum for rubles or dollars is not a problem, many special sites, exchangers, exchanges, and a lot of private offers in the forums. There are 3 main ways to get a cryptocurrency:

  • to use exchange offices;
  • to use cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • to find private speculators.

The last option is interesting in that you can find a person from your city and, in person, transfer cash into your hands without commission.

It is only necessary to understand cryptocurrencies, to make sure that the transfer was actually made to your address. The most important thing is to cancel the transaction Ethereum is not possible.

Where to buy Ethereum for rubles, hryvnia, tenge?

Each of the options should be considered in more detail, because they have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. In addition, some newbies simply do not know how exactly the exchange is conducted. Now we will explain everything:

  1. Buy Ethereum through exchangers.

This method is the fastest and easiest. In order not to stumble on scammers and find the most profitable course go to.

You do not need to register, this service simply monitors the rates in the verified exchangers. Here you need to choose a direction, for example, buy Ethereum through Sberbank:

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

There are lots of other directions, buy Ethereum for rubles from Kiwi, Yandex. Money or other electronic wallets.

In a couple of seconds, the system selects suitable exchangers. They are sorted at a favorable rate, so it is better to choose a site from the first line. Then you will be asked to fill out the form:

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

When using a bank card, be sure to ask for the name of its owner. After completing all the data, the exchanger provides the card number to which you need to make a regular transfer.

You send money and in a few minutes a cryptocurrency comes to your wallet. What could be simpler, but here the course is still higher than on the stock exchanges.

  1. Buy Ethereum on the exchange.

When buying Ethereum on the exchange, you will have to perform a little more action, but you will save money on the exchange. Through the best cryptocurrency exchanges, transactions are conducted between real people.

The Service acts as a guarantor. The first step is registration, then you need to replenish the balance with fiat money:

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

The conditions and methods of making a deposit on each exchange are different. For example, we chose the exchange, when making dollars, there are 4 options here (if you do not have electronic money, again you can use the exchangers):

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Next, transactions are concluded through the trading platform. First, choose a currency pair, if you want to buy Ethereum for dollars, choose ETH / USD.

Now you need to decide whether to create your application or select an order. In the first case, you set the price and the number of coins you buy (a share):

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

The created orders go to the exchange database (if there are no similar offers with the sale). You need to wait for someone to respond or decide to sell your coins at your chosen price.

The second option allows you to instantly buy Ethereum. But you have to choose the amounts offered by other participants:

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

For convenience, also the orders with the most favorable rate are at the top. When you click on them, the application creation form is automatically filled. You simply create a counter offer and the transaction will be carried out instantly. What's next? Bring your ETHs to your wallet:

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

By following these simple steps, you become the owner of Ethereum. Now it remains only to wait for them to rise in price in order to carry out a transaction for the sale of coins using the reverse scheme.

A somewhat confused version and time may be needed more, but courses on stock exchanges are always more profitable.

  1. Buy Ethereum for cash.

It is realistic to buy Ethereum without commission if you find a person from your city who wants to exchange cryptocurrency for cash. But be prepared for the fact that the course will be different from the real. Speculators know the real value of the coin and definitely will not work at a loss.

How and where to buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

For example, I found the first topic on the forum. Such offers appear periodically and they can only be used if they meet in person. In other cases, you risk not getting coins.

The exchangers are the fastest and simplest, the exchanges are the most profitable, and private traders remain those who do not like the first two options or who want to buy Ethereum for rubles without a commission.

Sberbank does not directly sell cryptocurrencies (as some people think), but it is not difficult to make an exchange from a card (as well as from a card of any other bank).

What is better to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Before investing in cryptocurrency, you need to think carefully. Now many altcoins have divorced, and on the Internet they talk about their transcendental perspectives. If we consider only the main leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum, then the second option is preferable.

Despite the fact that the BTC rate is higher, this cryptocurrency has become unreasonably expensive, and the project itself should have become a payment system. His main task has long been forgotten, everyone is chasing coins just for the sake of investment.

At Ethereum the picture is different, the project itself is gaining momentum, and the platform is actively used, therefore, ETH has more chances to show itself in the future.

In general, all investors in cryptocurrencies need to look at other coins. Risks must be diversified by investing in several assets at once. There are many interesting and promising projects, whose coins can also shoot.

It is quite realistic to buy Ethereum through Sberbank Online for rubles, the main thing is not to rush. Evaluate the offers of exchangers, exchanges and private owners to select the optimal conditions.

It does not matter what currency you have or where it is located, any money changes and is then used to buy cryptocurrency.

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