How and where to bet on volleyball, betting strategy

Each sport has a lot of fans, but some of them are less or more popular in individual countries.

For example, in Russia there is more interest in football or hockey, but volleyball does not take the last line . And if you, at least a little versed in it, you can make money with bookmakers.

Volleyball betting on the Internet is a real opportunity to raise a decent amount. Competitions in this sport are held constantly, they are interesting for a specific target audience. The only negative is that now all virtual BCs have been closed, but we will tell you where the bets are still being accepted.

How and where to bet on volleyball, betting strategy

Sports Betting: Volleyball

As in any other sport, the correct analysis of statistics plays an important role.

Before you put the money, you need to see the results of the last 10 games of the team. Statistics should be considered taking into account different data, for example, how the team plays at home and away.

In volleyball tournaments, the position of the team is influenced not only by points, but also by the number of winning games. Therefore, it often happens that the team remains a little to finish off and due to motivation, they take at least a couple of games. But the enemy, if for him there is no difference in glasses, it can on the contrary play relaxed.

A beginner better must be well versed in sports and betting.

Volleyball offers the following types of bets:

  • bets to win one of the teams;
  • total;
  • handicap ;
  • reaching a tournament place;
  • a winner of a certain set;
  • final score in the set;
  • live volleyball bets;
  • Dogon

Women's volleyball is much more popular than men's. Analysts say that it is quite difficult to predict the outcome of the games, the teams are unpredictable.

Therefore, it is necessary to be as attentive as possible when making bets. Not all bookmakers have experienced volleyball analysts, which gives odds to betters.

How and where to bet on volleyball, betting strategy

How and where to bet on volleyball?

Most of the betting sites were in the register, which upset many betters. This is not a problem, in Russia there is an organization TSUPIS, which deals with the regulation of the betting business.

Several companies work through it, their sites are always available, so you can bet on volleyball without leaving your home.

There are not many bookmakers left, because getting a license is hard. Therefore, now in the Russian Federation only the largest offices operate, in which many real offices in our vast Motherland are scattered:

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  4. .

Some give out registration bonuses, some offer higher odds, and so on. The most important thing is that bookmakers work officially. It’s easy to place bets on their websites, you first need to choose a line:

How and where to bet on volleyball, betting strategy

Then a list of upcoming games opens, which shows the odds for the main types of bets:

How and where to bet on volleyball, betting strategy

Better presses the coefficients under the result (you can click on the arrow and choose a bet), after which the coupon is filled. It remains only to indicate the amount of the bid:

How and where to bet on volleyball, betting strategy

The interface is slightly different, depending on the office you have chosen, but you need to perform similar actions. In a few clicks, money is accepted, and if the forecast turns out to be correct, do not doubt that you will be paid the prize.

How and where to bet on volleyball, betting strategy

A simple volleyball betting strategy

What kind of tactics are not advised to use volleyball fans. Some even describe the Martingale, the technique is excellent, but not well thought out. It is necessary to choose techniques that are suitable for the chosen sport. There is one simple and effective strategy.

First you need to learn how to identify clear favorites and outsiders. After calculating the expectation, checking statistics and expert opinion, the total bet is made.

Let's imagine that the favorite will win in a row in 2 games, gaining 25 points for them. The outsider team will score 19 points in each game.

We carry out the simplest calculations - 25 * 2 + 19 * 2 = 88. These are rough assumptions, but the probability that the total is less than 88 is quite high. The bet is risky, but the odds will definitely be high. If you are afraid of losing, increase the value of the total, but the odds will be reduced.

Win-win volleyball betting will not work, there is always the risk of losing. Therefore, it is necessary to try to engage in the analysis and apply clever techniques.

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