How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

Money on the Internet can be earned in many different ways. Now many interesting projects are being opened, and because of the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain is being introduced.

There are certain advantages in this, but the most important thing is that after receiving any coins, you can exchange them for national currencies.

Earnings of cryptocurrency for - articles, mining, investments, this large-scale project offers several ways at once. For beginners, we recommend staying on posts and likes.

For the activity on this site, tokens are charged, which are already traded on the exchanges . The remaining methods are more complicated, but also more profitable.

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

What is Golos io?

This social network appeared in 2016, total payments to users exceed 5. 3 million dollars.

The project is a fork of Steem, which is also a blockchain-based social network. Here, the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency is given due to the activity within the project.

After normal registration, you can add posts, rate other posts, leave comments under them, vote.

Thus, a contribution is made to the development of the project, for which rewards are accrued. You may have heard about Cyber. Fund, this is the service developers.

Every registered user of the Golos platform receives rewards. Their size directly depends on the importance in the system. They are charged in GOLOS own tokens, but besides it, the currency GBG is also used here - the equivalent of 1 mg of Gold in the service .

Due to the fact that the project is based on the blockchain, no one can delete the added entries. Post them on any topic, they will remain available as long as the site exists.

At the same time, each record can bring coins, which can then be exchanged for real money.

Registration for Golos

Getting started with this service is not difficult, but registration here is not as easy as on many other sites. The fact is that in the form it is necessary to specify not only the login, password and email, but also the phone number:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

Such measures are introduced to combat multi-accounts. After filling in all the fields in the main form, you need to click the "Continue" button and verify the phone number by sending an SMS. The cost corresponds to your tariff:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

After clicking the "I sent an SMS" button, you will proceed to generate a password. Here you just need to tick and press the button:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

In the final step, the system will provide you with a complex password. Be sure to write it down somewhere, read the password storage rules:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

Do not forget to tick the two checkboxes and create an account. Now you can go through the usual login and password authentication. If you do not take into account the verification of the phone number, then the registration is standard.

Personal account Golos io

The interface is all in Russian, there is a detailed FAQ and a section for beginners where they can get acquainted with the main functions of the project. When you first enter the profile, you will see the greeting:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

It is better to use the training materials, because there are a lot of different features on the site. In the upper right corner is a button to open the menu. There you can select the desired section, study the FAQ and go to the Wiki (detailed description of Golos work):

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

Next is the profile icon, when you click on it, another menu opens. Here you can go to the feed (to see the posts from the blogs you subscribe to), go to your blog, see the comments and answers:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

As you can see, the menu also has section "Wallet". Your balances are displayed there. They are conducted in GOLOS and GBG currencies, for convenience, are converted into dollars at the current exchange rate. By the way, in the settings you can choose a different national currency:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

Walk around the site, deal with basic functions in order to fully use it. There are really a lot of chips here, it's not just easy for a beginner to get used to, so the developers made detailed descriptions.

Security on Golos

The project was made on the blockchain, so its users get access keys to the account. This is the most effective method of protection, you will find your keys in your account, in the "Permissions" tab:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

Keys are created for different purposes, it is important to keep them safe and not to transfer to anyone . The best way is to print QR codes on a piece of paper and, if necessary, scan them with mobile devices.

Earnings on posts in Golos io

The purpose of launching this project is to publish and discuss interesting content. Therefore, users get rewards for everything. Evaluation of other people's records, voting, comments.

But the main income comes from the posted posts.The most popular entries have brought substantial profit to the authors:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

No one pays for the articles themselves, the rewards come for the likes put. How much a particular like brings depends on the strength of the voice of the user who marked the post. It increases depending on the activity on the project.

Simply put, the more interesting the content is, the higher the chances of getting good money for it:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

If we talk about the average earnings for Golos, the authors manage to get for each post about $ 40.

But it is impossible to say exactly about this, because the rewards are always different, they can be much higher, especially for the publication of high-quality and interesting content, plus the course of GOLOS tokens floats.

How to add an article to Golos?

To become an author on this site is simple. After passing the registration, in the top menu you will see a button for adding a post:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

The authors are invited to use two types of editors. The first "New Editor" - the easiest, suitable for beginners. The second is an HTML editor, for more advanced users with additional features:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

Tags (at least one) must be added at the bottom. Here are the two main buttons "Post" and "Clear".

When you click the first, the article is immediately added to your blog, now it is publicly available, it appears in the list of new posts. If you open it, in the lower part you will see the main data, you can edit the post:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

In just an hour, 2 comments have already appeared under the recording and 7 votes were received, which brought 0 .003 $. Not so much, but I didn’t have to work on the post, it was just copied from another site.

Just keep in mind that the remuneration is not immediately charged, under the article the potential income that will be received only in a week is indicated.

The benefits of earning on Golos

articles Simple registration, user-friendly interface, everything in Russian are solid pluses. But most importantly, you do not need to be professional, the main thing is to publish high-quality content.

If the article is really interesting, users will probably notice you. Not bad discussed and news.

On the subject there are no restrictions, you can tell everything - a story from life, a review of a site, some simply copy posts from their blogs.

There are no requirements, this is a free zone for publishing anything. You can include videos in posts and add images, text is not necessary to write.

Plus, here it is allowed to publish as many external links to other resources as you like. This is great news for those who want to get additional traffic to their website or earn money by attracting referrals.

You can edit posts posted on your blog at any time. No one can delete them. Just do not spam and do not add any trash, this audience will definitely not like it and you will be lowered in the issue.

Earnings at Golos for investors

A multifunctional service allows you to earn from scratch, but for those who have start-up capital, it will be even easier to achieve a good profit. Alternatively, you can begin to show activity, collect the currency, and then put it into circulation. In what ways?

  1. Investments in GOLOS tokens.

The project administration charges interest for the long-term storage of their tokens. The system here is complex, everything is described in detail in the wiki. Where does interest come from? Due to the issue of new coins. At the same time, balances with liquid GOLOS do not change. In addition, there are prospects that this token will increase in price.

  1. Savings in GBG.

This unique currency was created as a stable investment instrument. Its holders receive 15% per annum, but it sometimes changes. It also manages to collect interest due to the release of new GBG. Details about the savings in gold VOICES are written in the wiki, if you have something to invest, be sure to read all the conditions.

  1. Trading on the stock exchange.

The easiest way to explain this investment method. The site Golosio has its own exchange. It is designed for quick and easy exchange of tokens used in the system - GBG and GOLOS. Available from the main menu:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

Everything is simple here, orders are created, there are purchase and sale orders. Everything, as on the usual stock exchange cryptocurrency, with only one trading pair.

Earnings according to a simple rule - buy cheaper, sell more. Transactions are conducted between real people, often come across lucrative offers.

Should I invest in a project? Decide for yourself, trading on the stock exchange is the fastest option, but first you have to learn how to navigate in this market. As for the first two methods, judging by the development of the Golos io service, this definitely makes sense.

Mining Golos io

Another interesting way to get GOLOS coins is to connect to the peer-to-peer network. Do not forget that this project was created on the blockchain, so he proposes the use of mining cryptocurrency. Every year between miners 1% of market capitalization is scattered.

Read more about this at. There is a complete scheme, algorithm and other data.

How much can you earn with Golos io

The incomes of authors, investors and miners are very different. If some users collect big money here, others do not even bother with the conclusion. I found an interesting post on the net for a girl who collected 7568 GBG in 3 months and exchanged them for Bitcoins through the Bittrex exchange:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

This brought her almost 0. 47 BTC, which are current at that time the exchange rate, she exchanged for 60 000 rubles. She admitted that she did not bother much and simply duplicated her posts from LJ. A good increase in the basic income, given the effort.

Reviews of the site Golos io

This project has a lot of fans, and the turnover of their tokens is quite high. Not surprisingly, more information about Golos appears on the net. Users talk about earnings, share their statistics, recommend beginners to try work in this system:

How and how much you can earn on Golos io - articles, investments

The reviews are only positive, many have managed to receive payments with tokens and transfer them to fiat money. If you seriously consider adding posts and carefully select content, it will definitely not go unnoticed.

Everything goes to the fact that the blockchain will be implemented in all niches. There are already prerequisites for this, and the Golos io project is the best proof. This is a new level of services for earnings in the network, and even a beginner can get money here, the main thing is to be active.

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