Honest review on FastVPS. ru - Profit Hunter

Honest review on FastVPS. ru - Profit Hunter

In continuation of the “Honest Feedback on Hosting” column, I got to FastVPS.

I will tell you honestly I’ve been working with them for quite a long time and for the most part I’m satisfied with everything.

Previously, the product range included virtual hosting, VPS / VDS, dedicated servers. About a year ago they refused to use virtual hosting. Therefore, my review only applies to VPS and dedicated servers.

I’ll start with the advantages of FastVPS:

  • Fast support. On average they answer in 15 minutes.
  • Free support :). This is very convenient. Especially when my sysadmin is on vacation.
  • Average prices for the market.
  • There is no oversale on the VPS and it provides exactly the stated amount of resources.

Disadvantages of FastVPS:

  • Recently, the response time of the support has increased markedly. Most likely, they started saving on the number of employees and sometimes the response time reaches 40-50 minutes.
  • There is no possibility to complete the server and VPS yourself, i.e. buy a hard place, for example. Sometimes it is needed.
  • On dedicated servers, regular desktop hardware (not server) is used.
  • If the dedicated server has any problems with the hardware, then this is not solved very quickly. Although this is probably already a problem of the data center Hetzner.

I tried to make my review of FastVPS as objective as possible, but it cannot be so, as it is based on my personal experience.

A small bonus for future users of FastVPS, I published earlier - promo code via the link .

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Honest review on FastVPS. ru - Profit Hunter Download. ..

Honest review on FastVPS. ru - Profit Hunter


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