Honest hosting review Reg. ru - Profit Hunter

Honest hosting review Reg. ru - Profit Hunter

Guys, well, drop them off to do hosting! You have everything so smoothly with the registration of domains.

ProfitHunter (when communicating with support)

At Reg. ru in due time I rented a virtual hosting and a virtual server. I also constantly register domains (in this they are the best in the Russian Federation in my opinion).

Main problems in 6 months:

  • If the hosting went down, then it was raised in a few hours. There was a feeling that they did not monitor the availability of servers and the status of Apache. Writing to support is useless (more on that later).
  • The support is responding very slowly. At best, the promised day. Sometimes you can wait a week. The feeling that they are just losing your ticket.
  • The backup system unpacks the files to the root and if the disk quota is exceeded after unpacking, you will have to write to the slowest support so that they remove the excess, since it is not always possible to do this yourself. And while we are waiting for a response, the site also lies and quietly waits 🙂
  • Despite such a slow support, they have fairly “high-quality” prices. At once the premium is felt.

With a virtual server, the situation is better because my administrator was entrusted more than Reg. ru support.

But imagine the situation if your dedicated server went down on Saturday. After restarting, the restart does not come up and you need to see its screen. You order KVM- access and wait for the answer “super-fast” support 🙂

Oooo, I'm scared already. Went to look for another hoster.

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