honest hosting review - Profit Hunter

honest hosting review - Profit Hunter

It so happened that for 10 years in moneymaking, I managed to try all the "top" and many cozy little hosting sites. And at the moment I have active: 1 dedicated server, 2 virtual servers, 2 virtual hosting accounts.

Do not ask why 🙂 In short, this is a feature of bureaucratic interaction with some customers, as well as the desire to make the site the fastest available to search engines and the target audience.

To help my readers somehow avoid extra bumps, as well as record all your experiences "On paper", I decided to start this column. Also, this was prompted by the presence of a huge number of false reviews on the site aggregator hosting services.

Immediately announce some future reviews: Reg. ru, Nic. ru, FastVPS, Majordomo, FirstVDS, Fornex, Beget.

Mainly I will describe:

  • speed of the sites during peak hours;
  • speed of technical support response, friendliness and willingness to help;
  • frequency the occurrence of problems and the speed of their elimination (uptime);
  • free buns from the hosting provider.

Also, under this heading there will be tips for hosting optimizers related to hosting: what to do in the case of DDOS, when to use CDN, caching, compression, and much more.

ALL WILL BE DESCRIBED AS A MOST SIMPLE, LANGUAGE LANGUAGE! I do not want to overload anyone with heavy technical terminology that is absolutely not necessary for optimizers.

Perhaps even specifically for this category I will do test purchases from hosts that I have not tested.

P. S. Appeal to the readers of my blog.

I am pleased to hear and describe your informed opinion about your hosting provider. And I will definitely demand proof 😉

Write! Your site will be monitored 24/7 to check uptime. Why lose this opportunity?

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