Holes in AdWords? - Profit Hunter

Yesterday I noticed an ad in Google’s paid search results:

Holes in AdWords? - Profit Hunter

Naturally, I was surprised at the reason why Wikipedia advertised AdWords for such an article, and clicked on the ad. . Behind the ad, I saw this beauty:

Holes in AdWords? - Profit Hunter

AdSense unit at the very center plus a list of products from Clickbank (the list, by the way, is also not manually written, descriptions are stupidly pulled from MarketPlace Clickbank ). Reader useful content zero. And where is Wikipedia? - you ask. And here it is:

Holes in AdWords? - Profit Hunter


What happens in the result: (1) the advertiser violates the AdWords rules regarding the inconsistency of the claimed URL (en. Wikipedia. Org) to the URL of the page being opened (I don’t remember-how. Info) and (2) the AdSense unit hangs on MFA site.

Google has become so big and cumbersome that it no longer pays attention to such “holes”, or it’s technically impossible to close them (if someone from the readers understands these questions, please write off in the comments, I really interesting.) Isn't it possible to screw the bot, which at least checked the conformity of the displayed and the actual urls?

Well, if Google earned it, it would be possible to understand it somehow, but for such ads and sites, Most likely, young accounts are used, which is screwed a virtual credit card and a coupon purchased on DigitalPoint for $ 50, $ 100 or more dollars, and this account is no longer replenished.

What do you think about this?


Another pearl for a snack:

Holes in AdWords? - Profit Hunter

If I'm not mistaken, the redirect was forbidden before. Or was I so far behind the times?

By the way , in addition to my post about hacks for Google Analytics HomelessIn, wrote how to track transitions from ads in Runner and Yandex using this service. Direct.

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