Hiping, HYIP and HYPERS - what is it, investing money

To allocate profits, people use many different options, including investing their own money. Recently, one can observe the development of Internet investments, since the users of the global network are investing in fairly "decent" amounts. There are also many ways to increase money in the network, one of which is the use of HYIP.

Hyping, hyip and hypers - what is it? Beginning Internet users who are interested in deposits of funds, not rarely seek an answer to this question. To understand these terms, we will present you the interpretation of each of them:

Hiping is investing your own funds in a project , which involves attracting other users. Due to the contributions of users who joined after you, your profit increases. To make it easier to understand, this is an ordinary pyramid, whose activities are necessarily accompanied by the loss of funds at a certain stage.

HYIP (HYIP) is the project itself, through which a pyramid of participants is organized. According to Wikipedia, HYIP is a fraudulent project that looks like an investment fund.

In fact, some HYIPs still paid money to users, but this can be called luck, because when the flow of funds is disrupted (the minimum number of new participants), the project usually closes and payments are terminated.

Hiping, HYIP and HYPERS - what is it, investing money

HYIPs are divided into 3 types

  • long-term (they function for a long time, offer deposits at low interest rates, rarely pay money);
  • medium-term (they operate from six months to a year, the percentage of income is 1-3%, money is paid frequently);
  • fast (less than six months, promise to pay from 10 to 50 percent of profits every day, payments are made every day).

Which one is better to join? To determine, you must have reliable information about how long the project exists and what type it belongs.
Hypers are users who have entered the pyramid, invested their own money and are hoping to increase it.
Actually paying HYIPs appear very rarely, in most cases, this is an ordinary scam.

You can recognize a fraudulent HYIP as follows:

  • a high focus on the reality of payments;
  • a high percentage of profit in the shortest possible time;
  • information about investing in non-existing objects (activities);
  • hiding contact information (addresses, surnames, names);
  • lack of official documents on the activities of HYIP;
  • lack of transparency of the allocation of funds;

Hiping, HYIP and HYPERS - what is it, investing money

Despite the many risks and signs of a scam, many users still agree to astie in such projects. Therefore, we decided to make several rules for investing in HYIPs:

  • do not use the last money;
  • check your organization or website for online reviews;
  • do not pay attention to payment statistics (can be generated);
  • estimate its lifetime;
  • use several HYPs;
  • read the agreement carefully.

Absolutely everyone wants to become the owner of easy money , but allocating funds from HYIPs is a very risky activity. Before investing your finances, think a few times if you make the right choice.

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