Hieroglyphs instead of text, text encoding

Experienced Internet users absolutely faced with problems of encoding text, which instead of a clear view consists of hieroglyphs.

Where can this be encountered? Visiting a "broken" site, receiving a letter in the mail with an error, etc. Hieroglyphs instead of text indicate that the text is encoded , but this does not mean that you cannot read it.

Hieroglyphs instead of text, text encoding

Incorrect text encoding

To get the source text, there are several options:

  1. Most laborious the way is to try to open the file in different encodings. Going to the text editor, you will need to select the item "Open as" and repeat these steps until you get the desired result. We do not recommend using this method, but it may be useful to those people who do not want to use special programs or online services.
  2. If you often encounter hieroglyphs instead of text, you can download special text editors that support the function of determining the type of encoding. For example, you can use AkelPad.
  3. The last option is the easiest and fastest. To get the source code from the encoded document, you can use online editors. On artlebedev sites. com / tools / decoder / and charset. ru you can decode any text absolutely free. Many users find this method not safe, so they prefer to use other options. In the rules for the use of both of these sites, it is written that the decoded information is presented to you in private, and no one can access it. Is it really unknown, but in most cases it is required to translate not very important documents, so we use these sites.

Hieroglyphs instead of text, text encoding

In order for the encoding to occur as little as possible problems, you can adjust some parameters of your system. In particular, specify in all clients, the browser and other programs for receiving information, the encoding win1251.

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