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There are hardly any Internet users who do not communicate with other people on the network.

For this, many different tools are now created, starting with social networks and ending with instant messengers. One of the most popular is the Skype program, which has a wide functionality built-in.

Everyone knows about such functions as video call, group chats, broadcasting and normal communication. The secrets of Skype are not known to everyone, but they are not so many.

For example, you can use Skype earnings with SendSey, making a profit passively. This will have to install the program, but there are tricks that do not require any installations.

Hidden Skype Features | Workion. ru

The secrets we will tell you about, this is not breaking Skype, in each program you can change the little things and improve its design :

1. Change the name of the contact. When your address book is filled with a large number of participants, you can easily get confused among them.

You definitely won't have such a problem if you add a hint to your username. You can do this after clicking on his name (in the chat). A window opens where you can go to edit the name of the contact:

Hidden Skype Features | Workion. ru

2. Hide input alerts. While typing a message to his interlocutor, he watches the animation of the pencil.

If desired, this feature can be disabled. What for? For example, if you are composing a long message so that he does not wait for him to look into the program. To do this, you need to go to the settings, go to the tab "Chats and SMS", then remove the check mark from the "Show what I'm typing" box.

3. Font change. Want your messages to look original? Just change the font. In the settings you need to go to the visual design and then click "Change font".

There are many options to choose from, you can choose the size or color of the letters. Here you can also change other settings (for example, show large smilies):

Hidden Skype Features | Workion. ru

4. Editing and deleting messages. A useful feature, because sometimes you accidentally send a message to the wrong person or make a mistake.

Everything can be corrected if you respond quickly (only fresh messages are edited and deleted). Right-click on the message and select edit or delete items.

5. Multiple chat windows. When communicating with several people at once, it is not necessary to constantly switch to separate dialogues, you can open several chats at once and conveniently correspond with each other.

To do this, first go to “View” and go to compact mode. Then double-click on the interlocutor and stretch several dialogs as you like:

Hidden Skype Features | Workion. ru

6. Original smilies. You can surprise your interlocutor with original emoticons that are not in the standard set.

(~) - double.
(bug) - a bug.
(drunk) - drunk.
(e) - an animated envelope.
(headbang) - head against the wall.
(mooning) - turns backwards.
(mp) is a mobile phone.
(poolparty) - a man with a duck.
(rock) - cool.
(skype) is a Skype symbol.
(smoking) - smoking.
(swear) - swearing.
(tmi) - closing the eyes.
(toivo) - a little man with a dog.
(wfh) - computer and home.

Think not to surprise a friend with a smile? Then try holding down the keys S + L + K and ask him to look at the dialogue. Instead of a pencil indicating that you are typing, the other person will see a cat .

Not hidden, but useful features in Skype are also in a paid mode. Find out how to refill your Skype account and can even make calls to regular phones.

Use Skype, this is a decent program for communicating via the Internet. Earnings in the network via Skype will pleasantly complement the use of this software, because money is not superfluous, and you can spend it on Skype paid functions.

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