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Here is the first target hit :) - Profit Hunter The author of the article is Denis, the host of the blog "Photoshop Lessons - From Simple to Complex".

After reading the article Aim fire on key phrases, I decided to use good advice and at the same time test the theory that the site can be optimized for one key phrase and get the site to the top for this request. As a result, I was just shocked. So ...

Patient - http: // allaboutwine. ru.

Phrase: Moscow wine restaurants (competition in Yandex is more than 800k pages).

Beginning of the experiment: May 13 .

Ending: May 26 .

Step one - articles . Writing articles took about a week (2-3 hours a day), we had to manually rewrite texts, word by word, without using a synonymizer. The texts on the site are large, they are all 100% unique. There are a total of 17 pages on the site, including contacts, a registration page in the catalog, a site map, etc.

Step two - internal optimization . On each page of the site I wrote down 1-2 key phrases in the tag in the text of the articles. strong. . / strong. no more. On some of them hung a link to the main page. Anchor - "Moscow wine restaurants." Each page has a unique title , semi-unique description , and the same keywords . Each page has a tag . h1. Wine restaurants in Moscow. / h1. and unique tag . h2. . / h2. . The site map completely repeats the menu. The link with the anchor "Moscow Wine Restaurants Catalog" leading to the main page is inserted into the site's footer

Thus, I received about 70 links with an anchor I needed to the home page of the site, as they say, without departing from the checkout.

Third step - external optimization . At the moment, the site is registered in 500-600 non-thematic white directories, I will give a list of titles and descriptions for registration.


  1. Moscow Wine Restaurants. Catalog of restaurants
  2. Restaurants in Moscow. Wine restaurants
  3. Moscow wine restaurants. Catalog of restaurants
  4. All wine restaurants in Moscow. Moscow wine restaurants
  5. Catalog of Moscow wine restaurants. Wine restaurants
  6. Moscow restaurants. Wine restaurants in Moscow


  1. Wine restaurants in Moscow. Catalog of restaurants in Moscow. Articles from the history of wine. Interesting facts about wine. How to behave in a wine restaurant.
  2. Catalog of Moscow wine restaurants. The history of wine, wine in different countries. How to behave in the wine restaurants of Moscow, how to choose the right wine and what to order. Interesting facts about wine and informative articles. Catalog of Moscow wine restaurants.


wine, restaurant, wine, Moscow, Moscow, wine appetizer, wine etiquette, articles about wine , Moscow wine restaurants

Actually, that's all. As you can see, all optimization took exactly two weeks to complete. Now the site is in the first place on request "Wine restaurants of Moscow" in Yandex and on the third (or, depending on the region, on 5-7 places) on Google on request "Wine restaurants in Moscow". Draw conclusions, gentlemen. 😉

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