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Hello, spammers, or shitty comments shame (s) - Profit Hunter In the last couple of days, a wave of gossip has swept over the blog. In this regard, I want to write about what comments on the blog ProfitHunter. ru are welcome, and which will be removed to the damn grandmother.

In general, as you have probably already noticed, I treat the commentators loyally. I want to comment on my posts. Moreover, it is profitable for me: pages are constantly updated, content is added to them. Therefore, I have absolutely nothing against:

  1. Readers who leave useful comments, express their opinions, criticize the case, share useful resources and observations (well, this is understandable)
  2. Newbie bloggers who write a more or less detailed comment on the topic and leave in the link box the address of their zero blog. I myself was so, so I treat with understanding. (Naturally, splogs do not belong to this category.)
  3. Webmasters, who, again, write a sensible comment and in the “Site Address” field put a link to their popular project (not a splog).
  4. Comments like "Thank you for the article", "Excellent", "At Memories", etc., only are accepted from those commentators whom I know personally and who have already established themselves on this blog.

Now about spam comments:

  1. If the comment is worthy to leave, but the link leads to a splog or slightly popular non-thematic site, the first time I can leave a link (nofollow is still hung on it). If the spam commentator starts to be active, I will cut the address manually. The same applies to the presence of keywords in the name.
  2. Comments a la "Peschy Ischo" from people unknown to me will immediately go to spam. No offense. You have your own business, I have my own.

In short, Shame! (c) Lugansky Homeless.


The last videos of the Spring Marathon are ready. It remains to edit and put them on the blog. By the beginning of June it will also be ready .pdf-version of the Marathon.

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