Have a website? Earn with Depositphotos! - Profit Hunter

Each website owner sooner or later thinks about additional ways to monetize their resource and probably considers the partner programs of various companies as sources of income. One of the last real-life "affiliate companies" that went on the market was launched by the Photo Bank.

Have a website? Earn with Depositphotos! - Profit Hunter

Depositphotos - a photo bank selling photos, illustrations and videos from authors from all over the world under royalty- license It is currently the fastest growing photo bank in the world and offers customers more than 25 million files ready for use in the media, advertising or design. The website ╩╗Eft operates in 15 languages, allowing you to attract traffic from all over the world.its excellent reputation in the market can play into the hands of many owners of web resources.

Depoistphotos affiliate program is characterized, perhaps, by the most attractive conditions compared to the offers of other similar companies First of all, partners of the company will be able to receive a high commission for attracting: for example, site owners will receive 30% of the sales amount for purchases of new customers, and 15% for purchases of existing customers.

Have a website? Earn with Depositphotos! - Profit Hunter

The company is extremely interested in the activities of partners and offers a variety of materials in order to facilitate customer acquisition. # Provides banners, emails, feeds, text links, and a specially designed widget. Widget, in fact, is a mini-photo bank, which you can place on your website. The client will be able to find the files he needs directly on your resource, going to the Depositphotos website just for making a purchase.

Detailed real-time reports are also available to optimize partner activity. In addition, a personal manager works with all partners, providing email support around the clock.

Once participation in the Affiliate Program Depositphotos brings you $ 50, you can request a withdrawal.

A referral program also works within the affiliate program of the photobank Depositphotos. It allows you to earn advertising photo bank among its audience. Alternatively, you can knead the banner on your resource. In this case, your website should be devoted to a topic adjacent to the photobank's activities. For example, if you are writing about photography or design, participation in the program is an ideal solution for additional income. Each purchase that will be made by visitors to your referral site will bring you $ 0.03. In turn, each purchase of your referral for loans (special currency Depositphotos) will bring you 15% of the amount spent by him.

At the moment, feedback from participants in the affiliate program is mostly positive. And it is not surprising: who will refuse the additional income that requires minimal effort?

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