Hardware cold wallet Ledger Nano S, review

Protection of cryptocurrency is a big question, because when you keep coins on any site, there are huge risks that they will be stolen from there.

It is impossible to return funds in the blockchain, and the account data is hidden, so the tokens written off can never be recovered. Therefore, it is better to insure immediately.

The hardware wallet Ledger Nano S for cold storage cryptocurrency offers the most advanced security tools.

This special device is equipped with the latest technology and helps you sleep peacefully, safely keeping your private keys. There are also no risks when executing transactions.

Hardware cold wallet Ledger Nano S, review

Cold storage of cryptocurrencies with Ledger Nano S

Beginners should be aware of this technology, because provides the highest security. Yes, you have to spend a certain amount, but it is better to do it yourself than to untie the hands of attackers.

All hardware wallets work on a similar principle. They have an external memory and a special security chip. A private key is stored in memory.

Instead of transferring it, the device simply puts the digital signature on its own. This ensures security.

At the same time, to confirm the digital signature installation, you will need to enter a special PIN code. Thus, even if someone steals a device, they will not be able to write off funds.

Two-factor protection at the moment is the best way to protect, storing keys on flash drives or in the form of a QR code is not so safe.

Overview of the cold wallet Ledger Nano S

Anyone can purchase such a gadget and store several cryptocurrencies on it at once. The wallet looks like a regular USB flash drive, and comes in a box with a protective sticker.

It is important to make sure that it is in place, because no one should get a device in their hands in order not to make changes to its filling:

Hardware cold wallet Ledger Nano S, review

Included is the buyer Receives a USB cable, instructions and a sheet for recording a secret set of words. The safety of the device is provided by a special chip (ST31 / STM32).

If someone tries to get into the wallet system at the program level, his attempts will be immediately blocked.

If the PIN code is entered 3 times incorrectly, the recovery procedure will begin, and it will be impossible to pass it without secret words.

It is not difficult to explain the operation of such a wallet. Every time you need to receive or send BTC, you will need to connect the device to the computer.

An operation is performed on the PC interface. The transaction is sent to Nano S, then manual confirmation of the operation is required:

Hardware cold wallet Ledger Nano S, review

The details of the operation are displayed on the screen, with the help of the buttons you need to confirm the actions. Also, a PIN code is necessarily entered and only after that a digital signature is made. After receiving it, the transaction is sent to the blockchain network, where it is already being processed.

Where to buy Ledger Nano S, how much does it cost?

See review:

To become the owner of such a device, you have to pay 58 euros. Another 25 euros worth shipping, but it works quickly. Do not look for Ledger Nano S on Avito and other sites, you can stumble upon a fake.

In addition, attackers could remove the security chip or do something else to open a “loophole” for themselves.

Hardware cold wallet Ledger Nano S, review

Buy a wallet on the official Ledgerwallet website. Add the Nano S to the cart, then proceed to checkout, enter your index to calculate the shipping cost (as shown in the image above). For 7-14 days the transport company copes.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported by Ledger Nano S

This information is different on different sites. Take into account, on such a wallet you can store a maximum of 5 currencies simultaneously. But you can add accounts and delete them, then performing the recovery procedure.

The manufacturer’s official website states that through their special application you can set wallets for these coins:

Hardware cold wallet Ledger Nano S, review

The list expands over time. If you want to store more than 5 currencies, buy another version of LedgerBlue. It supports 10 kinds of coins at the same time. But it costs 4 times more. Although there is a cost due to a wireless connection and a large display.

Instruction in Russian for setting up Ledger Nano S

In general, installing a wallet is not complicated and does not take much time. On the official website all the necessary instructions are presented, moreover, the manufacturer offers a series of videos.

Therefore, we only briefly present the actions that need to be performed after the device is first connected to the computer:

  1. When you connect the gadget for the first time, a greeting appears on the screen:

Hardware cold wallet Ledger Nano S, review

  1. Immediately it is proposed to choose to install a new account or use an existing one.Next you need to come up with a PIN:

Hardware cold wallet Ledger Nano S, review

  1. Next, the device generates the words you need to write. This is the most important point, because without them it is impossible to restore the wallet:

Hardware cold wallet Ledger Nano S, review

  1. Everything is ready for work, now you can use the browser extension to complete the transaction. When it is executed, the data is displayed on the display, the action requires confirmation:

Hardware cold wallet Ledger Nano S, review

Everything is very simply done so that even a beginner can quickly set everything up and start translating their altcoins.

How to use Ledger Nano S?

Slightly above was already mentioned about the software for managing the wallet. It is better to install the extension in the Chrome browser (if you are not using any software wallets). The main window will display the balance and transaction history:

Hardware cold wallet Ledger Nano S, review

The main menu has the Send and Receive buttons, output and top-up. Everything is standard here, when sending tokens, the usual form is offered, where you need to enter the recipient address.

For receiving offer the address and QR code. Software is open source, it can be improved, or at least make sure that there is nothing superfluous.

My review of Ledger Nano S

Based on personal experience, I will say that NanoS works stably and really performs its main function. The French company is not just won worldwide popularity. She already comes on the heels of the more popular manufacturer Trezor.

The main advantage of this device is its cost. There is not a single hardware wallet, which would cost up to 60 euros. At the same time, security is not reduced, and the design is even more interesting than that of the same Trezor.

Why overpay when you can get a quality product and protect your assets to the same extent? All the necessary functions Ledger provides, the reputation is excellent, the reviews are positive.

It is not clear why many people want to buy LedgerNanoS cheaper than from the manufacturer or are willing to overpay for the availability of goods.

The device is easy to order on the official website, the price can not be lower than that of the manufacturer, only if it is a fake. Why, then, generally pursue security, if you save on the quality of a hardware wallet.

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