Guide to start the mailing list. How to run a newsletter?

Successful earnings in the network cannot be achieved until you create your own website - almost all newbies are confident of this, but not only an Internet resource can bring profit.

You can receive a lot of traffic from your Email list and every day more and more people launch them for use in various purposes.

It is possible to monetize mailings in various ways, starting with affiliate programs and ending with the provision of its services.

By the way, you can order a newsletter by 50,000 emails on WMmail, for only $ 47.

It is not so difficult to create an email newsletter, however, for beginners we have compiled a guide for launching the mailing list. In it, we described every step that needs to be done.

Guide to start the mailing list. How to run a newsletter?

How to start a newsletter?

If you decide to make money on mailings, be sure to learn 10 tips on email newsletters.

  1. Think of a theme. The first thing you need to think about on what topic you will conduct the newsletter. It is better to choose only those areas in which you are well versed and that you are interested. In principle, you can use any options, and remember that you will need to attract subscribers, so think about whether you really picked up an interesting topic.
  2. Target audience. Just like when creating a site, having come up with a theme you need to determine which group of people will become your target audience. Ask yourself a few questions: "Who are my subscribers?", "What problems do they have?", "What can you offer them?" and "What do they expect from the subscription?". This will allow not to miss important moments.
  3. Name and description. No project can develop without its own name. Try to come up with a meaningful, but informative title. As for the description, it must necessarily contain complete information on the list with a description of the subject, purpose, author, and so on.
  4. First Materials. Mail subscriptions become popular only when users receive quality materials. Therefore, approach the creation of the first letters in all seriousness. Also, do not forget about the design of your letters, and how to convert it, we were told in the article, How to arrange letters for mailing.
  5. Service for newsletters. When everything is ready to start the newsletter, you can register with one of the mailing services. The most popular project for launching a mailing list is the Smartresponder. ru. There are many reasons to use this particular system - stable operation, user-friendly interface, many useful functions, letter templates, statistics, and so on.
  6. Subscription page. How will people subscribe to your newsletter? For this you need to create a special page with a subscription form and effective content that will force them to become your subscriber. At it, you will send traffic from various sources to convert visitors into subscribers.

By completing all these steps, you will become the owner of the Email distribution and can begin to attract the first subscribers (How to quickly type in Email subscribers). At first glance, everything is simple, but newbies often create problems for themselves, so we advise you to find out 7 errors in email dispatches in order to prevent them from happening by chance.

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