Guide to making money on a video card

One of the simplest ways to earn money online is to use programs for automatic earnings.

Today, several services have been developed that offer such programs, and each user who has installed their software product is stable gets paid. This is not a significant amount, but to get them do not have to work.

Earnings on the video card can be started even with mailers. We have already talked about earnings on a video card with Wmzona, it is still relevant and only there you can now receive regular money.

In all other systems it is proposed to extract only cryptocurrency, although there is not much difference, because it can also be withdrawn.

Guide to making money on a video card

Programs for making money on a video card

At the moment, the easiest way to get money for using a powerful video card with a project. Here you will not have to change anything, configure and manually create some files.

The interface is made for novice users, and the program produces several types of cryptocurrencies:

Guide to making money on a video card

Use those currencies that are mined faster, constantly check it in the program. After registration, you can download it, and on our website there is a detailed instruction on working with the software (Earnings on mining with Minergate).

The main thing is that the program is executed with high quality and really brings income:

Guide to making money on a video card

How much such a program will bring you is hard to say, because everything depends on the power of your computer. If you know how much power your equipment will produce, you can use a calculator on their website.

Naturally, the data is not accurate, they indicate the amounts that can be obtained under all favorable conditions:

Guide to making money on a video card

Test the software from Minergate to determine how much it can bring it to you. As for which coins to mine, here it is necessary to constantly monitor the available options, choosing the most quickly mined currency.

Mining through pools

A pool is an association of a group of miners who jointly provide serious computing power.

There are many services in which it is proposed to make a profit by connecting to the pool. This is beneficial for everyone, but such projects quickly close, so constantly have to look for something new.

Regular pools work with only one currency, so many people prefer to connect to multi-pools. In addition to the fact that through them you can mine different cryptocurrencies, some pools are configured to automatically switch to the most profitable currency. Naturally, this provides increased profitability.

The most popular pools for mining Bitcoins, they are not difficult to find on the Internet. It is better not to chase after a certain cryptocurrency, but to collect everything that is possible.

At any time you can exchange virtual money, for this purpose special exchangers are created. Perhaps you have already heard about, in this monitoring of exchangers you can also find suitable exchange points:

Guide to making money on a video card

There are not so many cryptocurrencies here, and when using pools, you can mine StartCoin, CannabisCoin, DigiByte and many other types of currencies, some of which you will see for the first time.

In addition, we must not forget that the Bitcoins at one time made a lot of noise. It is possible that some cryptocurrency will also increase in price and then it will be possible to sell it profitably.

How to set up mining on pools?

To teach your computer to work with pools, you need a program for mining. They are quite a lot, the most popular is. Also, it will take a little to deal with the settings.

For a newbie, this may seem complicated, but you need to take quite a bit of action:

  1. Install a mining program.
  2. Create a Bat file in the program directory.
  3. Run this file and get money on the machine.

Separately, I would like to say about the creation of a Bat file. This is a plain text document, you just need to register at the end when saving it. bat.

In the document, specify the line stratum + tcp: // pool1. us. multipool. us: 7777 . If you want to mine a certain currency, you will need to specify other ports, they are presented on the sites of pools.

Even a newbie to cope with such actions, you only need to learn how to find the necessary information on the Internet.

Profitable mining pool

As already mentioned, they often open and close more often. We have to constantly look for current pools, and immediately after launch they become the most profitable.

At the moment, shows good results. By the name it is already clear that this is a multipool, plus to everything, here it automatically switches to the most profitable cryptocurrency.

Just above, we have already presented a line that needs to be written in the Bat file so that the mining on the machine switches from one currency to another. On the main page of the pool you can see the ports for the extraction of a certain currency:

Guide to making money on a video card

Here you can also find information from the lowercase line that you want to register in Bat. It is presented on all pools so that users can quickly set up parameters and immediately receive income:

Guide to making money on a video card

Do not expect that this method of earnings will bring you huge profits, because for this you need not use just the most modern systems, and computers with multiple video cards.

There are people who deliberately create systems of expensive video cards to provide maximum power.

Cryptocurrency mining is impossible without creating an electronic account. Bitcoin wallet XAPO is the best option to save this currency.

Let some users find the earnings on the video card not sufficiently profitable. There are many fans of mining, who constantly switch between pools and due to this they manage to find "fish places". Do not take it, if you have an outdated PC, you will waste your time.

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