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Through the social network Vkontakte, you can earn decent money, and the best way to success is to create groups and public places.

Absolutely free, you can run as many communities as you like from your profile and actively promote them. Advertising on such sites sometimes costs more than on individual sites.

One of the problems that all group creators face is the lack of time to fill the site. In addition to having to add posts every day, they also need to be found somewhere.

You will find a solution to this problem using the program. You will also find not less quality software in the list of 14 best programs for Vkontakte.

Grabber for VKontakte VKDog | Workion. ru

How to steal posts in VKontakte groups on the machine?

Grabber for VKontakte VkDog, is one of the best options for automatically filling your communities. You can download this utility for free on the Vkdog website. ru and check what functionality it has.

The interface is not complicated, but you have to figure it out. To make it easier for you, we have compiled detailed instructions:

When you first start the program, you will need to click on the register button, and go through several steps to open an account. After that, you will receive a login and password, and you can enter your profile:

Grabber for VKontakte VKDog | Workion. ru

As you can see, there is a button "Add account", use it to add your profile from Vkontakte which has the rights to manage the group. After that, click Check and the system will check if the account is working. After that, go to the settings:

Grabber for VKontakte VKDog | Workion. ru

Here you will need to select the Grabber and, if you wish, specify the time for which it will work. In the next step, you need to go to the list of your groups in the program and select one of them. The following window will open:

Grabber for VKontakte VKDog | Workion. ru

The administration of Vkontakte is now actively fighting automation, so add at least 5 groups for the grabber and set the interval to at least 60 minutes. So that when copying your posts, you get the benefit, add a link to the public in the next step:

Grabber for VKontakte VKDog | Workion. ru

In addition, this program allows you to add watermarks to images on the machine:

Grabber for VKontakte VKDog | Workion. ru

As you can see, you can specify the location of this sign, as well as select a picture to be used for this. After completing all these steps, new posts will appear on the wall of your group, which will be copied from other communities.

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, the entire functionality of the program cannot be used for free. In the free version, you can add only one user, an online grabber and a grabber of the entire wall, as well as the creation of up to 3 tasks. But the price of this software is not so big, so you can afford it:

Grabber for VKontakte VKDog | Workion. ru

Now there are excellent discounts that will help you to save a lot.

If you are already involved in the maintenance of Vkontakte communities, and the VkDog program for some reason does not suit you, find out about the filling of Vkontakte groups on the machine and autoposting for Vkontakte groups.

In both articles, we talked about several tools that are useful for saving time when filling groups.

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