Google today really pleased - Profit Hunter

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See what Google has done today in its Trends:

Google today really pleased - Profit Hunter

This is data on the total volume of traffic for both key phrases for 2008. That is, if the phrase male yeast infection brings the first site in the output of about 500 unique traffic per day (as Ed Dale said in his Autumn Marathon), then the phrase earnings on the Internet gives, according to Google estimates (!!!) , about 515 unik per day (coefficient 1.03). Again, according to Google, the news for these the graphs have no effect.

Now discarding all Omnations, download Gtrends Made Easy and see how many visitors your website will receive if it comes out on top in the issue of interest. (Do not forget that the final number of transitions also depends on the content of the tags. title. and. meta-description. ).

And personally from me: if someone from the readers writes a free program like Gtrends Made Easy and expands its functionality a little, so that the user can choose the phrase for comparison (not to rely stupidly on male yeast infection ), so that the program works with both Latin and Cyrillic letters, and to make calculations based on the coefficient Google gives over charts (with the ability to choose the year to compare), I promise to make a full review of the program on the blog and forever put a link to the site with the program in the section Utility (link pass-through).

Well, who will take it?

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