Google+ social network. Google+ history

Over the years, Google has been able to say with confidence that the owners of this company are trying to “capture” all the popular niches in the network.

It is surprising that they did not manage to take control of the social networking sphere, but quite a lot of attempts were made before the social network appeared.

This project is not the most popular among analogs, despite this, it is used by a huge number of users.

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Google+ social network. Google+ history

Google+ history

Attempts to create a social network were made by Google in large numbers. For the first time, the owners of a global corporation decided to delve into the sphere of social. networks in 2003, when they sent a proposal to the owners of the project Friendster, to buy their site.

After the refusal, it was decided to develop its own resource and, a year later, the Orkut service appeared.

This project received some popularity, but it worked slowly and developed in small steps. Therefore, in a short time it was transferred under the control of the division of Google Brazil, since it was Brazilian users, the site was the most registered.

After this, of particular interest to social services. networks did not show up until the Facebook project appeared.

Google+ social network. Google+ history

Google representatives understood what their mistake was and hoped to fix the situation in their favor. It would take too much time to develop new projects, so they started buying ready resources:

  • Dodgeball start-up (converted to Google Latitude);
  • mobile social. Zingku network;
  • Aardvark social search service;
  • photo sharing service Slide Inc (developer of applications for social networks);
  • Angstro social aggregator.

And this is not all the purchases of Google, who tried to penetrate the sphere of social networks, spending serious money. But after repeated purchases and attempts, it was still decided to implement their own project.

So, in 2007, the Google Profiles service appeared, where everyone could add personal information about themselves. In the process of developing this service, Google Buzz and YouTube also appeared, which you probably heard about. Then, to strengthen the success, Google decided to purchase Twitter, but the deal did not take place.

After that, only in 2010, information began to appear on the release of a new social project by Google, which turned out to be false. In 2011, Google Profiles was completely redesigned.

Subsequently, on June 28, 2011, the company announced the appearance of Google+. From September 21, removed the restrictions on registration by invitation. And in 2012, it became possible to register on Google+ not from the age of 18, but from 13.

In September of the same year, the vice-president of the corporation said that over 400 million users had already registered on the site.

Whether Google can reach a high level and compete with such giants as Facebook or Vkontakte is difficult to say. But given the integration of profiles in all Google services, it is quite possible.

How to register with Google +?

You can register with any Google service, and after that you will have a profile in the social network. If you want to register it in the social. network, then go to the plus address. google. com and fill out the following form:

Google+ social network. Google+ history

After that, you will automatically have a profile on Gmail, YouTube and many other projects that Google owns.

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