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Owners of all online stores, regardless of scale and focus, are united by a common problem - they do not see their customers. And they can be judged only by indirect signs: sales, calls to technical support and so on.

Fortunately, web analytics services, such as Google Analytics, allow you to rectify this situation and even turn it to your advantage: with a competent approach, they allow you to learn more about your customers than if you personally spoke with each of of them.

The key word here is literate. As with any other tool, you need to know how to handle analytics. And if you have not yet become adept in this business, then the new tutorial "How to sell more: Google Analytics for an online store" (series "Ask Ingate") can be a good help.

Google Analytics for online store - Profit Hunter

In details about everything

The first thing that catches your eye when you get acquainted with a book is that it’s really detailed. Over the course of more than a hundred pages, in detail, with illustrative examples and screenshots, all the nuances of the platform work are dealt with: from the initial setup to the work with each type of reports.

At the same time, if you already know the basics, you can skip the basic points by going straight to an in-depth study, for example, reports on visitor behavior or conversion: the book is conveniently divided into chapters and subsections, so the right place is easy to find.

However, you should not skip some fragments, even if you did not start working with Google Analytics yesterday. The fact is that the system has recently been updated again, and this book is an easy and convenient way to quickly familiarize yourself with most of the innovations.

For a beginner, this is a godsend: of course, real skill comes only with experience, but this book will lay the foundation.

What exactly will I learn?

In the book you will find information on the basic settings and settings of the extended segments of the platform, as well as recommendations for working with different groups of reports: by audience, by traffic sources, by visitor behavior, by conversion and real-time reports.

This will help you extract more useful information from analytics, draw conclusions from it, reduce advertising costs and ultimately achieve what any Internet businessman wants - to make your store bring more profit.

Google Analytics for online store - Profit Hunter

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