Google Adsense Tips, Using Adsense

One of the main methods of earning on websites is contextual advertising. Hundreds of thousands of webmasters install blocks with context on their resources and make a profit for each transition on the ad.

The most popular network for setting contextual ads is Google Adsense. Worldwide advertising network, for the use of which it is enough to go through a simple registration.

The main plus of the service is the ability to add even young and unwound resources. But newbies often do not get decent profits from this system, so we have compiled useful tips for working with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Tips, Using Adsense

10 Tips for Using Adsense

  1. First of all, you should revise your goals and strive not to make a lot of money, but to attract the maximum amount of quality traffic. The more attendance of your project, the more transitions you will receive.
  2. Do not place advertisements on pages with non-unique content. Also, you can not place the context next to the pictures and inscriptions that motivate the visitor to go on advertising.
  3. Better not try to wind up transitions, do not do them yourself and do not ask your friends to do it. Algorithms quickly calculate cheating and your account can be blocked.
  4. To promote your website, use exclusively white methods. The Adsense advertising network is a separate Google project, and if the search engine finds your website not to be of high quality, you may be restricted from accessing the advertising service.
  5. If you decide to monetize the site through Adsense, then it is better not to add other ad units that block access to the site or contain questionable (pornographic) advertising.
  6. Use different ad formats, experiment with its size and location. Pay special attention to text ads with the sizes 300 * 250, 728 * 90 and 728 * 15 they are the most effective.
  7. When setting up a block design, try to make such a shape so that it fits well with the overall design of the resource. It will be great if the block will look like part of your site, so use even the same fonts.
  8. In advertising settings, be sure to set a parameter that allows only interesting ads to be presented to users. Based on requests to Google, the interests of each of your visitors are determined.
  9. Using several resources at once, you have to remember that even a single non-quality site in the grid can cause a reduced cost per click. It is better to use the best sites or create additional accounts.
  10. Constantly study the statistics and on the basis of the data obtained, draw conclusions about the most effective advertising options.

Google Adsense Tips, Using Adsense

You can make good money on Google Adsense, try to make sure of it. If you think that you will have difficulties in cash withdrawal, we advise you to read the article How to withdraw from Adsense to an electronic wallet, where we presented detailed instructions on transferring funds to Webmoney.

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