Google +1 button and optimization, the benefits of the Google +1 button

Social networks are one of the most popular tools that most optimizers and webmasters use. On Facebook and Vkontakte, you can find a huge amount of information about various companies, products and services, and they like it and add it to their profile (on the walls), which has a positive effect on the promotion of the site.

In addition to these social networks, there is a Google+ project, many site owners forget about it, but they do it for nothing, because this is an additional project of a global search engine. If you prefer, you can easily add the Google +1 button to the pages of your site, and considering the opinion of experienced optimizers, this really needs to be done.

Google +1 button and optimization, the benefits of the Google +1 button

The benefits of the Google button +1

The Google +1 button does not play a key role in optimization, however it is a great addition. After numerous experiments, the optimizers managed to find out that a large number of retweets and reposts on Facebook affect the site’s positions, but there is no official confirmation of this.

If you can doubt the improvement of positions in the general issue due to these social factors, then you will definitely be able to promote your sites in personal delivery.

When users click the +1 button, it indicates that they liked the material, and if their friends search for information, a result will appear in the top positions that their friends liked on Google+.

Google +1 button and optimization, the benefits of the Google +1 button

By visiting various forums, you can be sure that most optimizers do not think that a large number of clicks on Google +1 can improve the position of the site , but there are and such people who conducted their own experiments and made sure that this button affects the progress in the issue.

There is quite a bit of controversy over how the Google +1 button and optimization are linked, and in most cases no specific information is provided. What can be concluded? This button must be on the site, it does not bring harm - this is for sure, but only positively affects the development of resources.

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