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I’m sure many of you use Google Analytics to track your site’s statistics. However, not everyone (including me) knows what this service can do and how to use it with maximum benefit.

Therefore, in order to fill this gap, I want to share with you tips that I shared with Anne Smarty with all of the burners. (I personally did not test everything, it is written below, so I would appreciate your comments with comments and additions on the topic.)

So, using Google Analytics, you can:

1. Track statistics on a page with 404 error. How to benefit from the 404th page, read here. And to collect statistics on it, insert the following code into the template

Good Practices for Using Analytics - Profit Hunter

2. Categorize visitors . With the help of a small addition to the code, you can isolate which categories of users are interested in various pages / products / services on your site. Here is this addition:

. script type = ”text / javascript”. pageTracker. _setVar ('Marketing / PR') ;. / script.

Thanks to this hack, you can:

  • assign a segment to visitors on a specific page;
  • assign a segment to visitors when you click the link;
  • assign a segment to visitors based on their choice in the form.

Read more here.

3. Track outgoing links . To do this, add the code

to the link. a href = ” http: // www. example. com ”onClick =” javascript: pageTracker. _trackPageview ('/ outgoing / example. com'); ”.

4. Track clicks on banners . For simple banners use the same code as for links, for flash drives use this:

on (release) {
getURL (”javascript: pageTracker. _TrackPageview
/ bannerads / advertisername / bannername' ); ");
getURL ("
http: // www. Advertisersite. Com ");

5. Track downloads (PDF, AVI, WMV). The code is:

. a href = ” http: // www. example. com / files / map. pdf ”onClick =” javascript: pageTracker. _trackPageview ('/ downloads / map'); ".

6. Track clicks on the email address (mailto:). Here’s the code:

. A href =” mailto: [email address] ” onClick =” javascript: urchinTracker (' / mailto / jerry '); ”. [email address]. / a.

7. Blog owners on the WordPress platform can use the Ultimate Google Analytics plugin, which allows you to track link clicks, change settings, etc. The same thing does the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin, but it also monitors AdSense advertising clicks and highlights keywords. where visitors are coming from with Image Search.

8. Determine the page URLs of other sites / blogs from which visitors come to your site. site . I already wrote about this here.Ann recommends setting up the filter as follows:

Good Practices for Using Analytics - Profit Hunter

I didn’t manage to set it up right away (or maybe time should I don’t know.)

9. Track commercial transactions . For more information, see the Google Help Center.

Good Practices for Using Analytics - Profit Hunter

10. Disable statistics of visits made by you and those who serve the site . This is done through the Filter Manager.

Good Practices for Using Analytics - Profit Hunter

11. Compare website indicators for different periods of time . For example, to compare the effectiveness of two marketing campaigns.

Good Practices for Using Analytics - Profit Hunter

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