Goldenchase game with the withdrawal of money. Over $ 25,000 paid

Much has been said about cashout games, but blog owners often embellish projects and present conditions much more profitably.

If you want to make a serious profit from investment games, use the best projects. In this article we will tell about one of them, over half a million users have already invested money in it.

The game with 500,000 participants Goldenchase is very popular, and not only in Russia. The site is translated into English and Chinese, so the organizers managed to attract a huge audience into the system.

Payments have long passed for $ 25,000 , and this is another indicator of the solidity of this project.

Goldenchase game with the withdrawal of money. Over $ 25,000 paid

the game is closed

The best investment game Goldenchase

On January 1, 2015, the administration promises to fix all the shortcomings, which appeared after the merger of 2 similar projects. The essence of the game on them is the purchase of dwarfs who get crystals. The more expensive the earner, the more resources it collects, and one dollar will be enough to effectively start.

There are payment points in the game, but in order to get them, it is not necessary to attract referrals. Gnomes can earn payment points in parallel with the crystals.

After registering, you can go to the cave of the dwarfs to buy workers. There are several options to choose from:

Goldenchase game with the withdrawal of money. Over $ 25,000 paid

When you replenish the balance of $ 1 will bring you 5500 gold, so you can buy a modest person and a few grunts, ensuring a stable income. When a decent amount is accumulated on the balance sheet, buy other miners:

Goldenchase game with the withdrawal of money. Over $ 25,000 paid

The junkie gets crystals, and Sonya and a simplist get payment points. Snow White produces both resources, but it also costs serious money. In addition to using these dwarfs, you can get payment points for:

  • 30% of deposits of referrals 1 level;
  • 10% of deposits of referrals 2 levels;
  • 5% from deposits of referrals level 3.

Also, each player receives payment points from all recharges in the game. 5% of the total amount is allocated and they are distributed among all Goldenchase players.
The process of the game and the necessary actions do not differ from the standard ones; first you need to go to the warehouse and collect the extracted resources:

Goldenchase game with the withdrawal of money. Over $ 25,000 paid

After that, you go to the trade shop, where you sell all the collected crystals:

Goldenchase game with the withdrawal of money. Over $ 25,000 paid

Exchange rate 100 crystals = 1 gold. 30% is transferred to the balance for withdrawal, and 70% is transferred to the account for purchases.

Snow White earns 1 payment point per day, so if you have this character, you can withdraw 1 USD.

The advantages of the Goldenchase game:

  • the project exists for 550 days;
  • it is not necessary to attract referrals for withdrawal;
  • the original design;
  • daily bonus from 10 to 100 gold;
  • referral contest with a fund of $ 30,000;
  • bonus credits are provided when replenishing the balance;
  • a lottery with tickets for 100 gold;
  • changing the currency from the balance for withdrawal, you get + 20% to the account for purchases;
  • 10% of deposits from referrals 1 level;
  • in the " job ", you can earn gold.

In fact, the game has a lot more advantages, I would like to say separately about the input and output of funds, and also tell about additional games.

Depositing and withdrawing money for Goldenchase

You can make a deposit into the game from any payment system, Yandex. Money, SMS, bank cards and so on. Players are always set bonuses, and their profitability depends on how large a deposit is made.

As for withdrawal, the rules say that for this you need to replenish an account with 10 rubles or to attract one referral.

Additional games

On the Goldenchase website you will not find regular gambling, since high-quality Flash games have been added for entertainment. With them, you definitely will not be bored while your gnomes extract resources. The most interesting game is Sponge Bob:

Goldenchase game with the withdrawal of money. Over $ 25,000 paid

You will control all the known cartoon character with the keys on the keyboard. The game is really interesting, but to earn it will not work, this is entertainment.

When you sign up for Goldenchase and appreciate the full functionality of this project, you simply cannot forget about it and will definitely return to fill up the balance and start making a profit. The number of registered participants is amazing, and on the net you can find as many positive reviews as you like about this game.

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