Golden Mines game. How to play Golden Mines?

Not many people believe that it is not necessary to work hard on the Internet to make a profit.

At the expense of investment games, you can invest a small amount and consistently receive deductions by performing simple actions. The most important thing is to take advantage of the proven game, from which many have already withdrawn funds.

The online game offers to invest in the purchase of gnomes who collect ore, and after processing it, users receive real money into a special account. Over 32,000 people have already taken advantage of this project and continue to withdraw funds, due to the work of the hired gnomes.

Golden Mines game. How to play Golden Mines?

To start making profits in this game, you need to perform a few simple steps and periodically go to the site to collect money:

  1. After registration, you need to replenish your balance. There are many options to replenish the balance, but the most convenient way is to make transfers with Payeer. When making a deposit, a bonus of 200% is provided:
  2. Golden Mines game. How to play Golden Mines?

  3. Then, you need to hire the first gnomes. Here again, the choice is offered, and the more expensive the employee, the more he brings the ore. Please note that the cheapest dwarf costs only 100 gold = 1 ruble:
  4. Golden Mines game. How to play Golden Mines?

  5. Several times a month you need to visit your profile to take all the ore collected to the dwarfs to the warehouse. This is done by pressing a single button in the “Ore Warehouse” section:
  6. Golden Mines game. How to play Golden Mines?

  7. In order for money to appear on your account for withdrawal, you need to process the ore. This is also done simply in the "Recycling" section, and you will immediately see how much you will be paid for recycling:
  8. Golden Mines game. How to play Golden Mines?

After completing the processing, the first appears on your balance profit, but you do not need to do to withdraw it. In your profile, specify the Payeer wallet number and the funds will be transferred to your account on the machine.

Payments from Golden Mines are available only to those users who have replenished the balance by more than 10 rubles or have attracted one referral.

In addition to making easy money and a profitable system of buying gnomes, this project has other advantages:

  • you can attract referrals and get 30% of their deposits;
  • referrals can be attracted from click-on sponsors;
  • the site supports different languages ​​and the required version is installed automatically, so you can use foreign axles;
  • colorful banners are provided to attract referrals;
  • the game has a version using dollars, you can use it if you are not sure about the stability of the ruble;
  • if you replenish an account for 5000 rubles, you will begin to attach referrals who came to the project for a direct link;
  • the project has been working for more than a year and is actively developing;
  • payments come stably and without delay;
  • When withdrawing to Yandex’s wallets, a commission of only 2. 5%;
  • on holidays, players receive gifts in the form of gold or dwarfs.

Playing Golden Mines is easy, and most importantly, you can start without an investment. The daily bonus usually amounts to 50-80 gold, and having collected it a couple of times, you can already buy the cheapest gnome.

Try playing this profitable game, and if you like it, be sure to register on a similar project Dwarf Gold.

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